Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Monday

I like Mondays. I struggle so much with the weekend, that I'm always looking forward to a return to the routine on Monday morning. I was especially excited because I'd managed to maintain my weight under 150 the entire weekend (it almost always is up on Monday morning). I was ready to start my day, start my week. I was on my elliptical for my first morning workout when #4 walked in clutching his tummy and moaning.

A sick kid was not on the schedule.

He never threw up, and didn't seem that sick. He was really no trouble at all, just laying in bed all day. I'd stop in and check on him and asked if he needed anything, but it didn't end up interfering much. I was able to sneak downstairs several times for workouts. 

I still needed to run carpool, and leaving the sick kid home alone (he's 10) I wanted him to be able to call if needed (even though I'm only gone 15 minutes). Unfortunately, since our modem went out and was replaced, our phone hasn't been working. We can receive calls, but can't make calls.  I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service. It is still unresolved. That wasn't on the schedule either.

I got in my 60+ minutes on the elliptical. One mile jog on the treadmill ... usually I do this right before weights, but I got the customer service callback right as I started my weights session. I did finally make it back, but only got in 45 minutes instead of my usual hour. I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes (more to read my book than for additional exercise ... I feel guilty "just reading" but don't if I'm "exercising" too). Got in carpools, kitchen cleanup, laundry, dinner. 

I was really dragging by the end of the day. I hadn't slept well last night. I had that little "tickle" in my throat that often (but not always, fingers crossed) precedes getting sick. Then I got a text that #3 had basketball practice at 8:00 that evening. 

Before we left, I seriously had to go lay down and shut my eyes just for a few moments. I was so tired. If I didn't have to take the kid to practice, I would have been in bed by 8:30 for sure! But, mommy duty calls. The practice was at the gym with the track above the basketball court.  Now the last thing I felt like doing was MORE exercise, and I'd already hit my goals for the day... but I also didn't feel like just sitting on the cold, hard cement bench seating while waiting. It's not worth it to drop him off and come back. So I went up to the track. I had brought my shoes and my music. I told myself I'd just walk. I can always walk, right? I did end up jogging quite a bit too. It's amazing how your attitude can change once you start. It even felt good!

I ended up getting a 30K day!

How was YOUR Monday?

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