Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Agony of De"FEET"

One of my "rewards" for activity, is a foot rub from hubby. He does an awesome job. We actually said that if I hit 30k in a day, that would "earn" me a foot rub. We've been a little hit and miss of late. I'll hit 30k, and he'll be too tired that day. Other days, I don't actually earn a rub, but I get a pity one anyway :)

Our feet are impacted a lot by our exercise. Any issues with the feet almost always negatively impact activity. Right now, I have a couple very minor issues. My baby toe is always really prone to problems. Any prolonged activity while wearing shoes often leads to a calloused ridge or a blister. It's not as bad as when I posted about it before (Blister On A Baby Toe), but it's been bugging me this week. Another toe has rubbed too ... I felt it after my jog Monday night. Yesterday I thought I should hit the treadmill, but I just did NOT want to put a shoe on, so I did elliptical and bike instead (I wear slippers for those). 

We seem to have quite a few foot issues at our house. I just took #1 to the podiatrist on Monday. He's had a big ol' wart on the bottom of his foot for a while, and it's really been bothering him. We've been waiting for a time when he could be out of commission to get it taken care of and decided to just bite the bullet and get him in. 

The top left is a picture #1 took of how it looked before any treatment. The second picture I took, after the doctor had scraped away the callous that had formed over the wart(s). The final picture is after the doctor scooped it out. He had given us an alternative to treat it with medicine, but that would have taken more time and multiple visits. We just wanted it DONE ... but poor #1 has been limping around since the "surgery". I hope it heals quick. He has a trip to New York coming up quick and will be doing a LOT of walking around!  #3 had an almost identical issue a few years ago, and I seem to recall it healing pretty fast.

I'd actually had #1 in to the podiatrist just a couple of years ago too, 
for ingrown toenails. 
I had a huge problem with that myself when I was a teen. I had the surgery when I was a junior in high school. It looked like it had become much less invasive over the years. I remember my poor toes after we took the bandages off ... they looked SO bad. And then I developed a staff infection (on a weekend, so I couldn't get in immediately). I've never been in so much pain! I still say that was the most physically painful thing I've ever experienced (even after childbirth and everything else!)

A few years ago I had a similar situation. My toe was so painful and swollen. I went into the doctor and they did an xray although I didn't remember any specific impact. Not broken. I had recently had a pedicure, but they didn't think that was the cause. He suspected a spider bite, but again, no definitive diagnosis. It was a miserable week until it finally went away. I actually still exercised a bit during this time. No treadmill. I could not put a shoe on ... but the elliptical in my slippers. It almost made it feel better, or at least a different type of pain while I worked out.

Ah ... de feet! Last year, poor #2 broke his foot right before basketball season started. The bone extending just under the little toe ... a "Jones Fracture". It is sssllloooww to heal. Poor kid was in a boot for months. We probably should have sought out a second opinion and considered surgery.  It did finally heal and the boy was back playing basketball ...

And he broke his foot. Jones Fracture.

It was his left foot this time (it had been the right originally). Seriously? Another four months of "das boot" and doctor's appointments every few weeks.

I'm so grateful we made it through this year with no serious injury and that his basketball skills didn't suffer too much of a setback (he just won first place in a region three-point contest this last Saturday). 

Because the boys spend so much time playing basketball, their feet often get sweaty and staying stuffed in their shoes for hours on end ... we get some fungus among us! Several years ago, #2 was struggling with athlete's foot. We tried all the over the counter remedies and nothing was working. Then suddenly it morphed into something awful ... seriously, not sure if I should show you the picture (if you are squeamish, look away).

Poor kid! It was Christmas Eve and we ended up at the Instacare. They almost hospitalized him. We ended up taking him to a pediatric specialist at Primary Children's Hospital and did manage to get it better.  A year or so ago we could see the signs of it starting again so I took him in quickly to see what we needed to do to prevent it. We got some prescriptions, and the doctor said to try and air out the foot (not stay in shoes all the time), change socks the moment there was moisture, switch up shoes and only wear shoes that were in decent condition. So far so good ... although we're always watching!

Hubs had his foot problems too. Several years ago he ruptured his Achilles Tendon. He had been very active just prior to this, and this was a big setback. He did manage to get back to activity though. Very grateful for modern medicine!

Well ... it's time for Zumba.
I need to wear shoes for that.
Hope my toes survive!

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