Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In (#34)

Happy to report a weigh-in UNDER 150 this week. I dipped under Sat/Sun but then had the usual up Monday morning. While it is technically a loss (down 1.4 from last week) it's really just where I was at the end of January (you can see all my Weekly Weigh-Ins at a glance). No new number on my MFP ticker showing up in my blog sidebar ...although I'm happy to have that back at reading 31 pounds lost, as it had been bopping around and changing almost daily.

I'm a little late in posting this morning (err... afternoon). The kids are out of school today, so SLEEP IN time! And not having to take the middle school kids to school at 9:30 with their Friday late start, I went ahead and hit the Friday Zumba class for the first time. When I got home, fed the kids and came in to get my weekly check-in done, I realized I hadn't stayed up to date on all my number entries or Day to Day Doings (that's where the details are, if you want to read up on them).. so I had to catch up on all that and it took a while. 

NUMBERS ... down 1.4 pound from last week. Average down too, although just -.32 (it had a bigger drop last week). High was 151.6. Low for the week is today's weight of 148.9.  I did have a total deficit of the week of 3637. Average intake was 2129. Average burn 2921. 

Linking up with Fitness Friday  and Follow Through Friday.  I'm late for Weigh-In Wednesday, but I'll link up there too *Ü*  It was a good fitness week for me! I hit Zumba FOUR times (counting this morning *Ü*). I got in my 60+minutes of elliptical every day. I jogged my mile Mon-Thurs. I got in 30minutes of reading and riding Mon-Thurs. My strength training ... not perfect. I did my weight workout on Monday and then I've tried out a Biggest Loser DVD, but just one 15 min session on Wed and Thurs. It isn't really the same as one of Jillian's workouts.  I'll continue to fill up my calendar with cardio and weights in the weeks to come ...(you can see January and February's calendars in the recaps for those months).

On the home front ...
The official basketball season for #2 ended last night. 2nd place again, dang it. I know our boys can beat this other team, but I didn't think it would happen last night. #2 has been struggling with pain in his left thigh since last Saturday. They had two games last night. He struggled during the first half, then seemed to work out the pain, but from a mommy standpoint, I just wasn't sure I wanted him to play another game and risk hurting himself worse. And that happened. Poor kid was in so much pain. I think our boys could beat this other team if they were on, and at 100%, which was not the case last night (with my son out and another star player had stayed home sick from school). There was an altercation after the game too (initiated by our assistant coach and parents ... we have some hot heads) which just makes things worse. Good sportsmanship is the most important thing to me, it IS just a game.  #3 has his championship game tomorrow and then we're done ... well, until Spring ball starts in, hmmm, I guess that is just next week. I was actually hoping for a bit of a break (especially after last night)!

Well, I've been sitting down at this computer long enough. Time to hit the elliptical again and get some stuff done around the house. I'll check back in, and check out some of the linkups and blogs I follow a bit later on :)

How was your week?
Have you experienced extreme parents at kid sports?

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  1. Yeah under 150!! Second is still pretty good. I know, first is better. Maybe next year.


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