Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Long Weekend

I didn't get a post up yesterday! I think that's the first Monday I've missed in ages. As part of the "Motivation Monday Team" I actually felt like my blog post was a bit of my "job" (not in a bad way, just something I'd committed to, so I always got it done). But as it looks like the Motivation Monday linkup has faded ... so did MY motivation to get a blog post up. 

But better late than never, right? It was a long weekend, as the kids were out of school Thursday and Friday for Fall Break. Monday mornings can be a bit challenging after a normal weekend, but even harder after a long one! A couple extra days of sleeping in. Late nights (for Mr. Social anyway). Freedom from schools and schedules. It's really hard on my Anxiety Child, so I was pretty much expecting a rough Monday morning.

I got one!

#4 (my 5th grader) didn't want to get out of bed and cried for a solid 30 minutes. He was scared to go back to school, scared of an assignment the teacher had mentioned. Little brother and I try to stay positive and give him encouragement, but it was tough. I stayed with him until the start of school and then watched my phone, wondering if I'd get a call. He did make it through the day, and hopefully the rest of the week will go smoother with "the first day back" behind us. 

It threw off my morning a bit, I didn't get as much done as I usually do. I did still get to Zumba. I took #4 into the pediatrician after school to check on options (counseling, biofeedback, medication) and hopefully we can get a handle on this.

Back to the weekend recap  ... 

I pulled out the "bloonies" for the boys to play with ... at first it seemed more frustration than fun as they attempted to master the blowing technique. I tried to get a picture with big balloons, but you can see that didn't really happen (my three youngest and a couple of friends). 

My oldest got home early on Friday and was quite entertaining with a little extender tool.
He always makes us laugh!

I didn't get pictures, but I packed up the boys (sand #2, Mr. Social who of course was out with friends) and we went out to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a big cousin bash, with some of the out of town cousins visiting. There was swimming (the weather is still nice!), games and pizza.

We don't have a lot of leaves, but the boys tried to gather what we did have into a pile. They buried #3. They couldn't find a rake, so they used snow shovels ... very innovative!

The hubs and I took the three youngest to a local theater (Desert Star). We'd taken the older boys (#3 had been a few times and wanted to go again) but it was the first time for the two little ones. They weren't too impressed and were ready for it to be over, even though it's a fun, goofy show (Dracula ... he's so vein! Do you you think I'm your type? O Positive!  ... very punny stuff!) AND there was pizza.

There was also a little homework help going on. #3 needed to make a poster for Spanish class, so I pulled out my neglected scrapbook supplies. I did make him do most of the work! I hope "we" get a good grade *Ü*   He has another assignment due Friday, and #5 does too. We didn't get as much done over the long weekend as we should have!

But happy to say ... weigh-in Monday morning was still under 150 pounds even after the long weekend. That's where I want to be. We've got basketball, derbies, homework, and I was just notified #5 is receiving an award on Thursday ... meaning I'll have to miss Zumba that day to see him receive it. And I'll have to miss the following Thursday for the Halloween parade at the school. I actually hit TWO Zumba classes last Thursday!

Well ... enough blogging, time to hit the gym, again!
Linking up with MIMM (even though I'm a day late!)

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