Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #65

 I did it again! No "oops" about it! Under 150 for two weeks now. I even dropped just a bit from the weigh-in last week. Enough that my MFP ticker changed to "34 pounds lost" and only 11 to go.

 I mentioned in weeks past, that while of course I'd love to get to my goal weight (135 - pre-wedding weight) I'm actually ok with anything under 150. I did reach my 135 pound goal eight years ago. I was able to maintain it for a while, but then a little weight crept back on bringing me to 140. I maintained there for a while, then a little blip up to 145. I remember actually being surprised that I wasn't more frustrated with the 10 pound gain ... but I still felt good, even with being smaller right there in recent memory.  

It's not so recent anymore ... over eight years since I was there at 135. But I have to say I feel pretty dang good being where I'm at too! I even tucked in my shirt and wore a belt the other day! Unheard of for me!

My week was pretty good, but not great. I slacked off a bit over the weekend. Friday/Sat/Sunday numbers weren't great. I kicked back into gear Mon-Thursday (as is normal for me) but my intake was higher than the last couple weeks. I only had one day under 2000.

NUMBERS: Weight is down .8 from last weigh-in, but as I mentioned above, it was enough to change my MFP ticker! My average was down too, but just a smidge (.03 ... that's a smidge!).  I ate a little more this week ... candy corn, banana bread and tortilla chips were calling. Average intake was 2314. I got in some great workouts, 30K days Mon-Thurs, but the slower weekend brought my average burn down to 2853.  I did have a decent weekly deficit of 3230. 

I don't really plan on making any changes ... just keep plugging along and hope the weight drops a bit more, or at least stays the same. Linking up with my weekly check-in link-ups: Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey.

How was your week?


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