Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Stats

I love Zumba classes. It never gets old, especially as I go to five different classes each week. Each class, each instructor, has something unique to offer. Here's a quick comparison of MY numbers (Heart Rate Monitor and Fitbit) and a small recap of the classes ...

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  • Monday: Starting off the week with Southziders. There were some fast numbers where I'd get my heart rate up, but more slower numbers than usual. Sometimes I can modify steps to try and keep my heart rate up, but had trouble with that today. A hula number (my hips don't lie ... I'm an old, white girl and they just don't move that way *Ü*) and then a couple cool down numbers. Class was a little short today too. So not quite the numbers I usually get from this class. No Cassie today or Sabik today.
  • Tuesday: This class starts earlier than all the others, at 8:45. And unlike almost all the other free Zumba classes, this one does start on time. It's a bit of a challenge to get there, after dropping off the kids. I asked them if we could leave five minutes early, and that got me to class on time. It was a small class today, only four plus the instructor. I found out later that at least one other gal tried to come but the door was locked!
  • Wednesday: MZL is a big Zumba group ... they offer free classes Mon-Fri at various locations. This spot/time work well for Wednesdays for me. They always have several instructors on stage, which is nice to showcase the possible variations and intensities. Not sure if it was my shoe, or the floor ... but it was a little slippery today. Kept me on my toes. I was also feeling my weight workout from a couple days ago ... a little stiff and sore.
  • Thursday: I've been coming to this class straight from dropping off the elementary kids too. I got there uber early last week, so I ran a quick errand today, which almost made me late. But I made it, there and ready when they started up. No Kristy today. I happily watched as my heart rate seemed higher. Still didn't break 400 on the HRM, but I think that was because the class went a little short again.
  • Friday: My middle-schooler didn't have school (late start drop-off at 9:30) so I actually could have stayed closer to home and hit MZL (which does Fridays at the same location as Wednesdays) but I just can't imagine skipping my Friday class across town at 10:00. Whereas the other four classes have a bit of a connection (some of the same instructors travel between the classes, some of the same songs/steps) this class is completely different. Different songs, steps and just a really high impact and energy. Seems like cutting class a bit short was a trend for the week ... I'm always disappointed when the cool down numbers come on. I want a little bit more, to see if I can push my numbers a little bit higher!
So ... I didn't get out of the 400s on the heart rate monitor this week. I did break 500 on the Fitbit once, and got an impressive 7500+steps that day. I'm always amazed at how many different songs and steps there are. I did have a few repeats during the week, some old favorites, some new ones that I haven't mastered yet.  There's always just this moment of "what's coming next?" at Zumba class ... I even helped lead a song in the Monday & Tuesday class. I could never be an instructor myself (many reasons!) but I don't mind taking the stage for ONE song here and there. Still loving my Zumba. I'm fine taking a break Sat/Sun ... but the thought of missing any one of my classes during the week, say it isn't so! It's going to happen next week, as my 5th grader wants me to come help out at a school activity. I'll be ok ... I think

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