Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #63

I keep this little ticker on my blog sidebar.
 As long as it's 30 or higher, I'm happy!

Last week I was a bit disappointed when I bumped up a little, over 150. That is just a bit of a magic number for me (it equals the 30 pounds lost, mentioned above). Happy to be below it again this week (just barely), but I did bump up over during the week. Still striving to get a whole week ... then an entire life, under that magic number.  I know the scale isn't everything, but that small change in the numbers does a lot for me mentally. Here's a look back at the week ...

I felt like it was a really good week. Just seeing the scale move that tiny bit has re-energized me these past few weeks. I'm feeling more confident in my body, feeling better about myself. I'm conscious of sucking in my tummy, really trying to work those core muscles during Zumba routines and even just when walking.

Eating ... is still the issue! I just love my sweets and treats. I bought a bag of candy corn last Friday. I've eaten quite a bit of candy corn this past week. I can eat it by the handful (that isn't a measurement in MFP though). The weather was cooler this weekend and we broke out the hot chocolate maker. I've had quite a bit of hot chocolate this week. I made cinnamon rolls this past weekend, I ate cinnamon rolls this weekend. For some reason, I don't see tortilla chips in the same evil light as potato chips ... I eat too many tortilla chips. I didn't have any HORRIBLE eating days, I had some good days ... well, low calorie days anyway.

Exercise ... I had 30K days Mon-Thursday this week. That is unusual for me. Hubs owes me a footrub or two (or four). I got in my hour of elliptical every day but Sunday (only 40min that day ... basically a rest day for me). I had my five different Zumba classes Mon-Friday ... I wasn't able to get the heart rate monitor over 400 for any of my classes this week, but I am still loving Zumba. I'll post my weekly stats and reviews tomorrow. I've got back to the bike this week! 10 miles Mon-Thursday. Getting back to reading and riding. I do have a ton of books on deck that I want to read! I've given up on my "mile jog" a bit ... I did do it once this past week. I have switched to a "hike" most days, upping the incline to 10 for my treadmill time, and I've done that almost every day. I did get a good weights session in on Monday ... I did feel the DOMS from that. Not enough to hobble me, but enough that I know I did something! The perfect amount of soreness.

Numbers ... my weight is down 1.1 from last week (when I bumped up from the week before. You can see all my Friday weigh-ins at a glance here). My average weight for the week was up a bit (150.27, 1.07 higher than last week). The high was 152.3, the low was 148.5.  My intake average was 2114, my average burn was 3044. I had a deficit for the week of 5235, which I'm pretty happy with. 

I haven't been very good at blogging lately. I used to post almost every day. I have ideas running through my head all the time, but I just would rather be active, than sitting at the computer typing.  They often don't never make it out of my head and onto the blog. I've spent enough time right now sitting recapping the week, so I'm going to skip the Friday Five again ... but I did post FIVE FUNNIES about cleaning house on yesterday's post Exercise, Chores and Children as I posted some random thoughts and gave a quick "stream of consciousness" peek into one of my days.

Happy Friday ... with today's weigh-in under 150, I can TRY for a full week under 150. It's a challenge, especially with the weekend here. Linking up with Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey and a late Weigh-In Wednesday


  1. I love that scale and will be asking for one for christmas I think. Congrats on the 31 lost! Keep it up!!!

  2. Good loss this week. I'm so bad with food. I love candy corn, and I've been avoiding it like the plague this year!!


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