Friday, October 10, 2014

WWI #64 and Family Friday Five

I did it! The entire week under 150! Today's weight is a new low, and it changed my MFP ticker to a new number I've never had before...

I've been keeping track of my weekly weigh-ins since I started this journey again (a little over a year ago). Back in March, I managed to get the MFP ticker to 32 pounds lost. I had a week under 150 then. But I couldn't keep it. I bumped back up a little and stayed there for months. Here's hoping I can keep "under 150" a consistent thing this time! I could still lose another 10 pounds or so, but I'll be content if I stay here. 

The 150 number was my "second" goal (see sidebar). I hit it momentarily back in January, but it didn't stick. I hit it again in March, even stayed under an entire week, similar to above. Again ... couldn't quite hang onto it. Do you count it as goal accomplished when you hit the number? Or do you have to STAY at that number, and for how long, before you say you have officially reached that goal?

NUMBERS: I'm down 2.4 pounds from my weigh in last Friday. My average is down 2.4 pounds too (147.87). I did better controlling my calories ... my daily intake averaged in at 1857. That's only the second time in a long time I've been able to keep it under 2000. My average daily burn was 2966. I didn't quite beat last week ... there was some stuff going on (more on that below *Ü*). But the intake vs burn came out with a deficit for the week of -6450. I like that!

Onto the Friday Five ...

I haven't been that great at blogging lately. I can't express how much I dislike simply sitting. Blogging requires sitting, as I don't have a fancy treadmill desk. Lately I've just been working out, instead of writing about working out.  But I miss the Friday Five link-ups. I thought today I'd give a quick peek into our family, featuring my FIVE boys ...

Wednesday this week took an unexpected turn when a big white envelope arrived in the mail. I mean, we were expecting the envelope ... just not quite this quickly. It was a mission call for my oldest son. At the age of 18, the youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS/Mormons) often elect to serve a mission for the church for two years. You don't know where you will be called until said envelope arrives. We threw together a quick "opening" party and invited family and friends who could make it on such short notice. A map of the world was set up, and guesses as to where he might be going ... Mexico, Puebla North.  He'll be leaving in February, so we get to keep him around for another few months.

My second  son is Mr. Social! Seriously, between friends and basketball, he is never home! He and his buddies love Frazils ... similar to a slurpee or Icee.  It's traditional to take Frazil Photos now ... I don't even think I have all of them. This gang of guys will hang out all the time. They are a good group of kids.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, there was a lunar eclipse  (Blood Moon). Son #3 told me he would get extra credit in his science class if he took a "selfie" with said moon. It would require waking up around 4:30 in the morning. I wasn't particularly interested in setting my alarm for that hour and did not commit to that mommy duty. But ... I had trouble sleeping that night. Around 4:20, I was awake anyway, so I went ahead and woke up #3 (THAT was a chore!) and we took a picture. While our picture isn't great, it was pretty cool to see!

#4 son is my anxiety child. He's like me in so many ways ... any break from routine can really throw him off. His school was doing an activity, Colonial Days. The kids would learn basic skills from back in the 1800s. Things like making bricks, carding wool, weaving, dipping candles, making soup, quill pen writing. Parents were asked to come help out if they could, so I signed up (even though it meant missing Zumba!). My son's class had tried the weaving a day early, and my poor child couldn't quite master it and was completely stressed out about it all. I ended up helping out at the weaving activity, which was a favorite for most of the kids ... followed closely by the candle dipping.

#5 is my angel. Such a good little boy! He is a rough and tumble kid, and a few weeks ago he bonked his head while at recess. It created a nice big mark right in the middle of his forehead ... just in time for school pictures! I was just happy that the scab finally did come off and didn't seem to leave any permanent scar. But it is forever memorialized in the school picture. I think there are retakes coming up ... should we have a do over, or just let the picture be a representation of my boy?

I love my five boys so much! Six boys really, because Daddy is just a big boy himself! It's crazy how good life can be. And the recent success on the scale has added to my happiness. It's nice to finally see a little bit of progress, even on a week with an unexpected ice cream party, early morning awakenings and a missed Zumba class (I did an hour on my own later in the day, Zumba Stats coming tomorrow). 

The weekend is now upon us ... Can I hold onto the loss? 
Check back next week!

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  1. aw, excited for your son who just got his letter. thanks for sharing a bit about your family! :)


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