Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wii Weigh-In and Workout

I don't get on the Wii Fit very often.
As I gave it a go yesterday, my Wii told me ...
"It's been 78 days since your last visit"

I wonder if our other exercise equipment could talk ... what would they say? Do your shoes see you as much as they would like? Does the elliptical feel slighted if you don't pay it a daily visit? How long has it been since your dumbbells saw you around? The Wii does actually seem to have a bit of a personality. It actually looks dejected if you don't want to hear it's suggested fitness tip.

I knew I hadn't been on the Wii in a while ... I hadn't realized it had been THAT long. I posted about the Wii back in April (WiiFit Funnies), and in March (Wii Fit Fail). As I stepped on the balance board and weighed in ... I cam in at NORMAL. At the very tip top of normal, but I've been in the overweight category for a while. I had lost 3.7 pounds since I'd weighed in on the Wii last. 78 days ago. And that was an evening weigh in too.

My son has had a lot of late evening basketball practices lately. Mon and Tuesday, they were from 8:00-10:00. I'd already hit goal, and had a lot of steps and a good burn for both days ... but since I couldn't go to bed (as I had to pick up the kid at 10:00) I hit the gym again. I simply had to keep moving. If I stopped and sat, or worse, lay down ... I'd fall asleep! So when he has these late night practices, you'll often find my on the elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike. Not because I need more exercise, but at least it keeps me awake. I don't seem to have any trouble falling asleep once I've done the pickup and do get to bed.

Last night, I'd done a little treadmill time, and some reading and riding (I've been getting through a LOT of books lately!) and still had a little time to kill before the pickup. So I stepped on the Wii. I usually only do 10-15 minutes.

My second son poked his head in the gym and taunted me a bit. I did get a perfect score on the soccer heading, even with him trying to distract me! I was a little out of practice on the Skiing and the table tilt. I do mainly stick with the balance exercises. The ones that work the core. I'd had enough cardio for the day already.  I do enjoy the Wii Fit once I remember to use it ... which just isn't that often.

It was a good addition to my workout routine this week. I enjoyed seeing the drop in weight ... I mean I was aware of it, and have been marking it every day, every week ... but to see it listed there in a bigger chunk from a weigh-in a while ago, makes me more aware of my recent progress.

Onward and upward ... I mean downward!


  1. I love it Jen B! Now that you mention it I haven't been on my Wii in a while too! I swear it's been about four years. Glad to see you are losing and it is according to your expectations and goals. :-) #wowlinkup

  2. Awesome job hitting the normal BMI range!

  3. Yay congrats on your progress! I used to love playing Wii Fit when I was in college and it first came out. Too bad the Wii stayed with my ex boyfriend so I don't have it anymore lol. #wowlinkup


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