Monday, October 13, 2014

Back At It ...

It's Monday morning.  
I'm ready to get back at it, are you?

I do have to say "back at it" because I slide during the weekend. I don't STOP, but I don't do nearly as well as I do Monday-Thursday. The graph above (from my Fitbit dashboard) illustrates that pretty well. I'm always the most motivated on Mondays, in both eating and exercise. Over the weekend ... not so much. I can't tell you how excited I was to sleep in Saturday and Sunday. But those extra hours awake do add to my activity, even if I'm not spending it in active exercise. Still worth it to me though. I managed to weigh in under 150 still this morning! That's the goal!

I have my Pact set to six days a week, so I can take a day off if I want to. I still easily got in my 10,000 steps on Saturday but on Sunday (yesterday) ... I took a rest day. I didn't hit 10K, but I'd already fulfilled my Pact for the week, so I was fine. I do always track my food, there was some commotion over at MFP last week as a glitch in the app allowed people to add food on previous days and still count towards the pack. That was updated, and all food entries for the day had to be entered by midnight to count. A lot of people were upset, but I always try to add my food immediately  upon eating (or even before) ... it's just so easy to forget otherwise. The MFP app on my phone makes it easy to log, wherever I am. That it and Fitbit sync with Pact just makes earning a little $$ a no brainer. It's only about $3 a week, but it adds up. 

... my Achievemint points are also adding up. I should hit my reward soon. I've earned it a couple times already. So has my son and my dad. It generally is pretty slow to actually GET the award (I've heard many people complain about it) but I have gotten mine in the past. Fingers crossed that I will again, even if I have to wait a few months. 

Mondays I stop at Kmart on the way home from Zumba. It's my weekly spending of my earned Fitstudio points. I've simply linked up my Fitbit, and then everything happens automatically. I get $5-$8 in credit each week. I now stop at the store weekly, as the rewards have a quick expiration (just seven days). My son has a Fitstudio account too ... today I checked out with mine, and picked up some stuff for him, and didn't pay a penny for either purchase. If you want quick, tangible rewards, this is a great program.

It's a short week here, with the kids out of school for Fall Break on Thurs/Friday. That might impact me a little, screwing up my schedule a bit. I best take advantage of my routine for these days I have! I've got my Zumba and weight workout in so far today ... a little elliptical, and I'd like to hit the treadmill and/or bike. I'll probably NEED to, as #3 son has basketball practice until 10:00. If I stop, or even slow down, I'll want to go to sleep. I'll probably keep moving, simply as an attempt to stay awake. The 10:00 pickups do help me get good numbers most Mondays!

If you're looking for the Motivation Monday link-up ... I'm not sure it's happening any more. Our host said that there have been so few participants that she wasn't going to bother keeping it up. I am linking up with Marvelous In My Monday though ... Mondays ARE Marvelous! I love getting back at it!


  1. I have heard you talk about fitstudio before, and you finally convinced me to give it a try. So I just went and signed up. Might be fun to earn rewards just for being active, hopefully I get into the stores soon enough to use the points with such a quick turnaround, LOL

    1. I helped my parents sign up, but they just don't make it into the store. I've just made it part of my weekly routine, as it's on the way home from my Monday Zumba class. It can be a great money saver. Let me know how it goes :)


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