Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

I very rarely simply sit and watch TV. Sometime the hubs and I will wind down watching something at night. But for the most part, the only time I watch television is when I'm exercising. On the elliptical, treadmill, or even while I'm doing a weight workout. 

With the Fall, comes the return of many programs. Several new shows hit the networks as well. I NEVER watch anything when it is actually on ... live programming. I seriously don't even know how to run the "tv" anymore. I'll wait until a series hits Netflix or Amazon Prime. The collage above spotlights several of the last series I watched over the summer ... I do keep up a mini review section here on the blog (What I'm Watching) which is also for my own records (have I watched that? Which season was I on?). Sometimes I'll watch a new show not long after it has been released ... other times I'm watching a series that ended several years ago! I'm often very behind the times and I'm fine with that.  I enjoy watching a series from start to finish, without waiting weeks in between episodes, months between seasons, and without the disruptions of commercials. When I downgraded cable, they actually threw in HBO, which opened up HBO GO as a new avenue (watched Big Love, and TrueBlood ... although I gave up on the latter, just too dark and gory and melodramatic for me).

There are a couple shows I did keep up on last season (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Good Wife) and I'll use PlayOn to record them to my computer and then stream them to my exercise room (I do have to wait a day, when the networks post the programming online). I was glad I kept up with those last season, I don't know if I would have been able to avoid spoilers (still sad about Will).

As the new seasons start, I'm faced with the dilemma ... try to keep up as new episodes come out, or just wait?  I know there are links out there to watch Downton Abby (I've watched seasons 1-4), should I start, or just wait and watch the entire season when it's available? "The Voice" is starting up again, and I do like it ... I like to at least be familiar with some of the contestants so I can take part in conversations about it. I don't think I'll be able to resist Grey's Anatomy or Good Wife ... I'll probably be watching those the day after they air. Scandal hit Netflix really quick after it concluded last season, so maybe I'll wait on it. The Walking Dead is about to start up again. That one I do watch with the hubs ... but sometimes I'll watch it first myself while I workout (then he doesn't have to pause it if I need to run out and help the kidlets with something.)

I have a Netflix queue a mile long. Plenty on my Amazon Prime list too. There are DVD sets from the library as well. New shows keep hitting the airwaves every season. My mom is always anxiously watching new programming, trying to Tivo favorites. Sometimes she'll have two or three shows a night on that she wants to watch. I'll just wait on the majority of them ... 

Even though I exercise a lot ... I don't think I'll ever catch up!

Have you watched any of the series I did over the summer?
What are your must watch programs starting back up?


  1. I watched 'Extant' with the Husband, and I was really into 'Under the Dome' but got a little bored with it and am way behind on episodes.
    I like 'Resurrection' too.

    1. I have Resurrection on my "to watch" list ... I'll have to wait until it hits streaming or DVD though :)

  2. I binge watched Scandal from late August to the premiere. (yes, ALL the seasons.) I love The Good Wife. (especially the Ty Diggs scenes. LOL) I really like TOO many shows. WAY too many. For new shows this season, liking How To Get Away with Murder, The Flash, and find gigglable moments in Selfie and Love in Manhattan. Will start Bad Judge tonight, and HATED that 'Laura' show with the red head. LOL

    Gigantic Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones fan; will have to wait for those.

    1. I remember you saying you were starting Scandal ... I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and then stayed current as season 3 aired. Same for Good Wife I think (maybe it was on Amazon Prime though). Huge "GASP" moments in the last seasons on both those shows! I'm really not even that up on the other new ones you mentioned ... as I don't watch live TV, I don't get the commercials to even get new shows on my radar.

      I'm a Game of Thrones fan too, although I almost gave up on it after the red wedding ... I was just too depressed at everyone dying!

    2. Well, How To Get Away with Murder is the newest Shonda show; I LOVE IT. :) (I wasn't into GA, but into Private Practice.)

      Yeah, that whole red wedding thing was awful. I started book 1 this summer; at first it was great, but then the level of detail about every single minutea of characters was just too much, so I quit.


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