Friday, October 24, 2014

WWI#66 and Five Recent Reads

Holding! Week three of staying under 150. I am up just a smidge from last week. I really didn't think I'd even be as close as I was. I had the usual gain after the weekend, and then I didn't have the much of a drop the following days like I usually do. But stepping on the scale this morning ... the drop was there.

It's been a bit of a stressful week. Things have just been a bit off. Anxiety issues with my 11-year old have been a daily battle. Such sobbing every morning before school :(  There has been more homework help needed, as some big assignments were due this week. #5 earned an award at school, so I spent some time there one morning for the program. Hubs had two pinewood derbies this week. Back to basketball practices and games after a bit of a break last weekend.

NUMBERS: While my actual weight was up just a bit, my average went down (again, just by ounces). Eating is always a struggle ... I didn't have any huge days (2600 calories on Sunday) but also didn't have many low days (yesterday, 1500, that is low for me!) I did pretty good on exercise. I got in a Zumba session last Saturday ... my first Saturday Zumba in a while! I got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba every weekday. Even on Thursday, when my son's award program was at the same time as my Zumba class, I still did an hour on my own. I got in three sessions on the bike, just one treadmill time and one weight workout this week.  It did all equal out to a deficit of -4484 for the week. I'm happy with that.

On to the Friday Five ...

I've been reading a LOT lately. Every time I have a session on the bike, that's 30+ minutes of reading for me. I think it's more about the reading than the riding really. 

The last time I posted a "recent reads" Friday Five was about a month and a half ago (WWI#59). Yes ... I've read five more books in that time. What can I say? I love reading!  My spotlight here isn't necessarily a recommendation or in-depth review, just a quick peek at what has been capturing my interest of late ...

Both of these books are post-apocalyptic stories. Both of them feature a "safe" but flawed world, with an "outside" that is barren, dangerous and unknown. In "Breathe" ... trees have been destroyed, and with it, the oxygen they produced. Oxygen is now manufactured, measured and sold. From that standpoint, it was interesting that only the rich elite could afford to exercise! "Breathe" is the first of two books ... I'm not sure I enjoyed it enough to continue on. But only one more book ... maybe I will, just for the sake of closure.  "Wool" is a series of five books, but they aren't long ones. I'd read the first one ages ago (it had been a free Kindle download) and the "outside world" theme reminded me of it. I'd picked up the remaining books where they were on sale (for Kindle $1.99). I was a little unsure I could get back into the story, but I did. I really quite liked this series. I believe it's only available in digital format. Whereas "Breathe" is aimed at teens, "Wool" is a little more adult (although really just in the age of the characters, not really because of content).

You can see I like a little something different in my reads ...
These books centered on Artificial Intelligence, Time Travel and Alien Abduction.

  • Turing Evolved: This had really high reviews on Amazon, and I was able to snag it when it was offered free (just follow Book Bub or Pixal of Ink to watch deals and steals). It IS adult, in language, content and complexity.  It was really interesting though.
  • TimeBound: This is definitely a teen read, but I still enjoyed it. As an Amazon Prime member, I borrowed this from the Kindle Lending Library. It's the first in a series, but other than a novella, the other books aren't out yet.
  • The Taking: I've always been a fan of alien abduction tales... loved the TV series "The 4400". This had some similarities to that ... the protagonist is "taken" and returned, thinking she has been away a day, but five years have passed and she is still the same ... or is she?  It is book one in a trilogy, but the other books haven't been written or released yet. It did have a cliffhanger ending!
So that's my weigh-in, and what I've been reading. At the rate I'm going, I'll be able to do another "Five Recent Reads" shortly!

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  1. Ok, gotta come back and take book notes. I'm all about post-apocalyptic if not too gory. I'm about the sociology of those types of societies. :)

    p.s., soon I won't be using google at all, so if you could add the commenter option of 'name/url', I will be able to continue to comment here. Thanks!

    1. Post-apocalyptic writing is such a craze! Interesting all the different ways the world can end and the survivors try to cope.

      On the commenting ... I'm not sure I know how! I just use the basic template here on blogspot. I really need to increase my knowledge on the ins and outs of customizing, but I haven't really done it yet.

    2. Sorry to chime in here, but I think you'll get more comments if you do enable it - it's apparently just something in the settings on "who can comment" - you have to let it have everyone I think. I don't use Blogger but I am remembering a discussion or two about it!

  2. I'm new here but I love your story and your weight loss journey! I'm definitely going to dig a little deeper and find out how you're doing it. I'm on a similar journey myself. :)


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