Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Stats (1011)

Five different days ... Five different Zumba classes.
Different songs, steps and instructors ... how do they compare?
Here are my Stacked Stats for this past week.

  • Monday: I'm always ready to get back to Zumba after taking the weekend off. I've noticed, my class on Monday seems to set the standard for the week. If I have a good class, get higher numbers ... I tend to get good numbers all week. If I don't get good numbers, I don't in any class that week. At least that's the trend I've noticed. So I was pleased as punch with my numbers today! I did really feel like I was giving it my all, and the heart rate monitor was reflecting that. Mostly fast songs today. Great class!
  • Tuesday: I was able to make it to class on time (this one has the earliest start, and unlike every other free Zumba class, it does actually start right on time!) There aren't a lot of people in this class, but that means there is plenty of room to move.
  • Wednesday: Whereas yesterday's class is a little sparse, the MZL classes are always packed! A little too crowded for comfort, but it adds it's own atmosphere. One of the gals from yesterday's class hit this one for the first time today. A lot of the songs/steps were new to me today, but I'm able to pick up new choreography a lot better than when I first started out. This is usually one of my step heavy classes, but I didn't quite get over 7000... so close!
  • Thursday: There was an activity over at the elementary school and I said I'd help out even though it meant missing Zumba. Seriously ... I SO did not want to miss, but I felt like my son needed my support at school. I went ahead and did an hour on my own at home in the afternoon. With a YouTube playlist, I can select all my favorite songs. There is still a bit of a delay in-between songs, but I'd try to keep walking around. I got my high for step count, but there is something missing doing it on my own. I don't mind it every once in a while, but I wouldn't want to do it every week ... or every day. I love the variety of all my different classes!
  • Friday: I always look forward to Friday, this class is always very energetic with some favorite songs! My HRM gave me a bit of trouble, which can distract me. Hit all my favorite songs today. Usually this class is completely different, but I did recognize a couple songs/steps from my other (I think Thursday) class. I do bring water to this class ... and I need it! *Ü*
... another Zumba week down. Going to the variety of instructors and locations, and the seemingly endless supply of songs and steps, it never gets boring or repetitive, even going five times a week! I'm so happy I discovered Zumba this year.

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