Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Stats

Five Days, Five Different Classes ... Multiple Instructors.
Quick Recap of my Zumba this week.
  • Monday... at Southziders: A little slow to start (chairs left up and some sound problems) but once going, we were going. Smaller group today, but that means more room to move around. Hit goal numbers and even felt a Zumba "high" ... you know like a runner's high, where suddenly you have a lot of energy and you don't feel tired!  ...
  • Tuesday... Marian is always ready to go right at 8:45, I was a little late (came straight from dropping kids to school, forgot my hat!) and was only the second person there. We started anyway and soon more people showed, as they usually do. Glad I didn't miss the first song, as I like the warmup! HRM does continue to have sporadic problems, if you see me fiddling with it, I'm trying to get it to pick up my heart rate!
  • Wednesday ... MZL in West Jordan. Got to the church late (at almost 9:20) but it hadn't started yet. HRM seemed to be working well today. I got pulled up on stage at one point! I mean I've been a "backup dancer" at Southziders, and I even lead a number in Marian's class sometimes, but that is when I know it's a song/steps I KNOW. I did ok for those couple of songs but I'm good being down among the masses ... this class having such a large audience makes being on stage a little more intimidating too!
  • Thursday ...  Had to Zumba at home on my own today. The munchkin was getting an award at school, and of course the presentation was right during Claudia's class I tried Zumba-ing upstairs today. A little more room, but shaggy carpet. I didn't wear shoes today (I hate shoes). Did get a call from the school and had to go get #4, so my Zumba hour was broken up into two parts. HRM was misbehaving again today!
  • Friday ... with Heather Jones. Grateful for this Zumba a little later in the day, so I can make it after dropping off the late-start middle schooler. At the church, the gym was set up for a Halloween party. Heather took the stage (she usually stays on the floor) and the rest of us moved where we could between the tables. Heather was still suffering a bit from a pinched nerve, so a couple dances she had others come up to help lead. Time was cut a little short today, but I did do a bit more at home so I did actually get in an hour today with that.

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