Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #12

It moved, my MFP ticker finally moved!
It's been stuck on 23 for FIVE weeks.
I would have been happy with 24, 25 ... but I'll take 26!

Watching my daily weigh-ins during the week, I was happy to see I wasn't bumping back up into slightly higher numbers. I never went higher than last week's weigh-in the entire week. Did I do anything differently this week? Not really ... it's been pretty similar to the last several weeks when the scale seemed stuck. I just kept plugging on. If  you want details ... check out my Day to Day Doings where I record all my numbers.

As I crunch the counts (calories in vs calories out ... and as I posted a few days ago, Exercise Estimates - Trying to be Truthful I'm really doing my best to make sure they are as accurate as I can make them) I came up with a total weekly deficit of 4141 ... so I'm not exactly sure where the 2.5 loss came from.  Maybe making up for one of the past weeks when I showed a similar deficit but didn't register any loss.

It has been a CraZY week though!  I've spent a ton of time with the kids sports (Basketball Mom, I'm behind on making my videos though), we had Parent/Teacher conferences for the middle school (both boys there have all A's) and THEN there was THIS ...

My baby (#5) ... my only unbroken boy! :(

Wednesday around 2:00, I was almost through  Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 1 (just starting the third circuit) when the phone rang. It was the school saying the munchkin had fallen during recess. He really seemed to be hurting, so I brought him home, gave him some ibuprofen and did the whole "RICE" thing. I still had to run back to the school for carpool, the PT Conferences, and dropping #2 at practice. As the wrist was still bothering my baby, I told him we would go get an x-ray. The first instacare we went to didn't have their lab tech there, so we had to go to a different, further location. We had the x-ray and exam and the doctor didn't think it was broken and sent us home. I pulled out an old wrist brace we had  so that he would have some support, as it was very tender.  Yesterday, I got a call that after the radiologist had looked at it and forwarded the x-ray to the orthopedic guy on staff, it was determined it WAS broken (a buckle fracture) so ... back in for a cast.

My exercise was definitely impacted these last couple days as I spent unexpected hours at the doctor's office ... but it was so crazy  I also didn't have time to eat, so calories were kept in check as well.

#4's basketball practice was changed from yesterday evening to tonight (which is great, as I had #2's basketball game last night and couldn't be two places at once). And it's going to be at the gym with the track above it (Two Tracks).  Yea! I'm super excited to go and jog the track during practice tonight! It's been a while since I've done any jogging on anything other than the treadmill. 

Linking up with Coffeecake and Cardio for "How'd I Do Friday" ...
So ... some bad, some good ... how was YOUR week?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That seems to be how it is for me, too. The scale will stay the same for three weeks and then, bam!, it drops three pounds.

    Poor little guy! What's up with breaking your arm in second grade? I, too, broke my arm in second grade. So weird!

  2. I like how your son matched his cast to his shirt, ha ha. Poor guy. Hope it heals up quickly.

    1. I did say "You won't be wearing that shirt everyday" but the orange does go with the season (fall/halloween). It should be a quick one, back in four weeks to get it off.

  3. Aww poor cast goings and broken arms :( but congrats on the up to 26!

  4. Congratulations, Jen! You finally passed the plateau.


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