Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Riding and Reading

This is my bike.

A lot of my friends like to ride a bike for exercise. Hubby too. He has both a mountain bike and a road bike and he's put a lot of miles on both. But me ...I've said it before. I'm an indoor exerciser. Especially when it comes to bikes. I don't want to strap on a helmet, watch out for cars or risk getting a flat far from home. It's always a lovely 66° in my basement. I have a fan sitting right next to my bike to blow my sweat away. I do sweat, even though I keep my biking at a pretty leisurely pace (around 16mph). 

The other GREAT thing about my recumbent bike is ... I can read while I ride.

See how perfectly my IpadMini fits right there in front of me?  And unlike a "real" book or magazine, there are no paper pages to turn, just a quite swipe of my finger and on I go.  I love to read. I always have, but through the years I just never seemed to find the time. Or when I had a few free moments, I didn't have a book on hand. Enter digital reading. Between the free offerings, sales and our local library (which allows digital checkouts), I have over 500 books waiting at my fingertips. I've read a lot of books this last year. With my Kindle app on my phone, I'll read wherever I am if I'm stuck waiting. It's easier to read at night, as I don't need a lamp to see the pages. I'd love to read all the time, but I feel guilty just sitting and reading.

I really never cared for the bike much. I just wasn't able to stay on it for more than 10 minutes at a time.  My butt got sore, my legs were jello afterward. Switching out our old stationary bike for a new Nautilus recumbent helped. I like having a little back support. I also put a pillow down on the seat ... you would THINK I would already have enough padding there, but apparently I do not. Then I worked my way up. Now, I put in 10 miles (about 37minutes) without a problem. And I get some reading in without feeling guilty. It IS exercise, but it's more an excuse to get to my book *Ü*  I'm a "fluffy" reader. I like to be entertained. If you want to see what I'm reading (and what I've read) ... my GoodReads profile is here

I don't know that I'll ever ride a bike for exercise outside ...
But I know I'll continue to read and ride!


I had this post in mind for a while, but figured I'd wait and post it for the
Check it out for motivation and other bloggers on this same journey.

Yesterday, I upped my miles to 12, which put me at 45 minutes, that's a nice round number so I might actually switch to that for future rides. I finished my book yesterday ... so I'm starting a new one today! Yea *Ü*


  1. That is certainly the best thing for me about using my indoor bike! Reading time!!!!!!! :-)

    Doesn't matter where you ride or exercise...the important thing is that you are doing it!!!

    1. See I thought you were only outdoor! We're about even on the amount of books we've read this year too *Ü* LOVE reading!

  2. I think one important thing, especially for me, with workout out is finding a way to enjoy it...making it "you" time. 45 minutes on the bike is impressive, way to go!

  3. Hi Jen! Thanks for linking up to the Active Life link up! That's a great way to multi-task some reading time and exercise! I'm following you via bloglovin' and would love to see you again at the link up tomorrow!

    Happy Monday!

    Aanie from The Active Mum xx


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