Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Spotlight #13

I skipped my Saturday Spotlight last week, as Saturday fell on February 1 and I wanted to recap January that day ... and this week? Well, I just haven't gotten around to getting much reading in myself. As I posted yesterday, it's been quite a week. I think baby boy is finally feeling better, but yesterday was a crappy day (and I mean that in a literal sense, as he was having potty problems). For the reading I did get in this week, SO many of the posts the past few days seemed were reactions to The Biggest Loser (I did my own post on this topic too). 

As I personally don't have a lot to share this week, I thought I'd link you up with bloggers who do similar spotlights, link love and reading recommendations. Since I started doing this, I really notice when I find other bloggers doing it also...
I appreciate bloggers who take the time to share stories or articles that they found interesting.  I'm sure those spotlighted enjoy getting links back to their site as well. I know I enjoy hearing about something I might have missed ... or if it is something I have already read, I have an "aha, we're so in-sync" moment with that blogger.

Do you recommend good reads to others out there?

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