Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In (#32)

Well ... this past week wasn't great. The last three days were really good, but the days before that? Not. So. Much. In fact, they were really, really bad. Long weekend, holidays (Valentine's Day and President's Day), a bunch of basketball ... overeating and not enough activity. If you want the dastardly details, check out my Day to Day Doings. I'll just admit here that Saturday was my highest caloric intake day since I started tracking nine months ago.

Remember me saying I wanted a week (and forever) with not one weigh-in over 150? Not. So. Much. In fact, I got the exact opposite this week. Not one weigh-in under 150. Not good.  The actual "official" weigh-in this morning is the exact same number as last week. No up, no down ... I guess that is ok considering my weekend indulgences.

Numbers: Average weight was up (150.84-152.03) ... High of 154, Low 150.60. I DID actually manage to overcome my weekend and get a deficit for the week. -14 calories *Ü* HUGE. Average intake was 2486 (ouch, wicked weekend!), average burn 2697. Daily steps average for the week 20,681.

Today is #2's birthday. 15 years old. The picture is from last year, but I'll probably be picking up that cake again. It's a favorite with the boys, but it's one I can resist. The birthday boy is going to spend the evening at the high school, cheering on the basketball team as they play. I'm going to grab some pizzas and cupcakes and bring them by so he can host a little birthday party there for his friends. We'll likely have a family party over the weekend, although nothing is set yet.  I may or may not eat some cake.

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  1. Five kids? Bless your heart!! My two boys feel like 5 sometimes!! Don't Eat The Cake!!!! :) Happy Friday!

  2. I saw people post picture on Instagram wearing this. I have no idea what's that for until I read your post. It sounds like a good motivations to keep active.

  3. I like his expression in that picture. My four stepkids have the most beautiful, normal smiles until I grab a camera and try to take a picture! Then they give me goofball faces or strike weird poses. I don't have a single "normal" picture of any of them, but I guess that is part of their charm :)

    1. He's such a goofball! He didn't like his hair for the picture this year, so he has his hood up (same sweatshirt as he was wearing last year in the picture here) and a serious expression. He looks like the uni-bomber!


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