Friday, February 7, 2014

What a Week and Weigh-In #30

No loss this week. Up a couple ounces. Average weight is up slightly too. I actually had a 3.4 pound jump after Superbowl Sunday. Happily it dropped back down the very next day. Yesterday's weigh-in was a nice, new low ... but it didn't stick around for my "official" weigh-in this morning. But overall, fairly steady (superbowl snacking notwithstanding).

It's actually been quite a difficult week! Monday and Tuesday (up until the afternoon) were great. I was back on track after the weekend. Then I got the call ...

#1 son: Mom, ummm, there's been an accident (wailing in the background).
#1 son: It's ok, Keaton is fine ... but he kind of fell out of the truck.
#1: I guess I took off before he was in, and he fell out. He is scraped up pretty bad. Maybe a sprain.
Me: But he's ok? Let me talk to him (some sobbing from #3 son and "I don't want to talk about it"). 
#1: You don't need to come. I'll bring him home.

Call#2: Ma'm, this is the paramedic on scene. We'd like to transport your son to the hospital.

... I quickly made arrangements for a neighbor to pick up the two little ones from elementary school and rushed to the scene. A couple fire trucks, an ambulance, police cars barricading the road. Normally #1 son or I pick up the boys in a church parking lot next to the school, but #1 had been running a little late, so #3 was waiting by the side of the road. He was climbing in (#1 had Daddy's truck, which is raised up and takes a little "climbing" to get in to) when #1 saw a break in traffic and wanted to make a u-turn before more cars came. #3 was NOT ready and as the truck pulled out and swung around, #3 tumbled from the truck into the middle of the road, skidding across the street. Witnesses watching, seeing a young boy tossed from a moving vehicle called 911.

#3 was trundled up on the stretcher, neck brace on ... with his ipod on playing a game of Bejeweled. I'd asked the paramedics to wait the 5 minutes until I got there. Please don't think me callous, but I did want to be sure a trip in the ambulance and afternoon in the ER was really required. #3 (who is an infamous hypochondriac) actually said he was ok and didn't need to go. Other than the abrasions, he didn't seem overly-injured. He had not actually been hit by the truck or another car. He hadn't hit his head or lost consciousness. I did decide to bring him home and watch him there. #1 son received a ticket for having an unrestrained passenger (that is putting it mildly) but I think he felt guilty enough so I didn't chastise him further.

I got #3 home, we washed his leg, put on antibiotic and got him bandaged up and resting. He seemed fine, and was even able to walk without a limp or pain. I picked up #4 and #5 from the neighbors and took #5 to scouts. He got dropped off a bit later ... and went straight to bed and fell asleep (unusual for him). When he woke up, he was complaining of a headache and was running a fever :(

I had the flu in December, and Daddy had the flu last month. We'd both been absolutely miserable and sick for a solid week. So I was a bit worried about my baby boy. Hubby's fever had spiked (actually hitting 105°!) so I was keeping an extra close eye on my little one. He has been sick since then, but hasn't gotten too bad (eating and drinking, fever; but not too high).

My mornings ... usually I'm up, checking email, waking #2 and #3 and hitting the elliptical first thing. These past few mornings I've been checking on baby boy, giving him medication, refreshing his drink and getting him anything else he needs. Then washing and re-bandaging #3's leg ... those "nonstick" sterile pads? They STICK! I miss my usual morning routine.

When I'm stressed ... it affects my eating in one of two ways. Either I just almost unconsciously grab stuff and shove it in my mouth, or I lose my appetite all together. This has been the latter, which I guess is the preferable of the two. So I have done a decent job of keeping calories in check through all this. At this point, I'm feeling a bit run down and I've been feeling some cravings kick in.

So, that was MY week.  For my numbers ... Calories in averaged at 2157, calories out averaged 2827 (goal is 2000 in 3000 out, so not quite there). I actually had a total weekly deficit of 3067 ... almost the 3500 goal. I did still bump up into the 150s ... one of these weeks I'm going to stay under the entire time! I'm going to keep plugging away.

Check in on my Day to Day Doings for further details of each day if you like. I decided to try Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones for some resistance training this month. I'm doing it on Mondays and Wednesdays, then my weight workout on Fridays (do I have the energy to do it today? I did NOT want to do NMTZ this past Wednesday, but I did!) I've been getting in my cardio each day as well.

How did you do this past week?
How does stress affect your eating?

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  1. Wow. How scary! Glad #3 wasn't seriously hurt. I bet #1 feels pretty rotten. I know I would. Hope baby boy starts feeling better soon.

  2. You've had a full week! I hope the boys are doing better and next week is a lot more calm for you.


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