Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Milestones

It's Weigh-In Wednesday ... of course I step on the scale EVERY day. At least I have for the past eight years. Prior to that, I never (well, very rarely) weighed myself. I really don't remember what I weighed in high school and college. I'm not sure if I crossed over 200 during my pregnancies...probably. I'm sure I could ask for my medical records, but at the time, I'd actually look away when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office. It's interesting to look back, to take my numbers and graph the fluctuations over the past several years.  Some of the numbers that stand out in my memory as milestones ...

185 ... that's where I topped out. I do count myself lucky that I never went any higher (except during pregnancy). With my eating habits and inactivity, I'm a little surprised I didn't have a bigger problem. So 50 pounds over where I want to be.

135 ... that's my goal, and my low. When I reached that weight, I was able to fit into my wedding dress, so I assume that was my high school/college and pre-wedding weight.

150 ... I have many thoughts on this particular number. I distinctly remember "flirting with 150" on the way down the first time (back in 2006). I was SO happy to get there. Then I continued to lose and get to goal. As I struggled to maintain my weight, I remember being pleasantly surprised at how I was able to fluctuate to 140, 145 without really noticing that much of a difference. But 150 ... that was like a switch, suddenly clothes didn't fit right, I could see it in my face.  I vowed NOT to go above 150 ... then I went above 150 and beyond. Looking at my graph above, a lot of lines converge right around 150. It's where I'm at now ...

Those are the three main numbers on my mind as I look back at my weight over the years. The top, the bottom, and the middle. But there are a couple other numbers that have a "milestone" moment for me as well ...

I remember when I hit 155 (this time around) ... that was a milestone moment for me. That moved me from the "overweight" category, to the "normal" one.  It isn't easy being green, but green is good. I'm still a little too close to the top there. I'd like to be comfortably in the middle.

My Fitbit scale tops out at 153.3 ... that is another number that stands out. For a while, this number really confused me. I'd seen other people's dashboards, to see that of course higher numbers were able to be listed.  For quite a while, this tile didn't even show anything, because I as "off the chart" so to speak. I did finally figure out 153.3 ~ That's what I weighed when I FIRST got my Fitbit back in April 2010. That is my "original" weight according to Fitbit. Even though I added an impressive 30 pounds over the years, that number still stuck as MY number to beat. Fitbit credits me (with badges and what not) with both ... my loss from my highest point, and my loss from my starting point. But 153.3 ... if I have a bad day and bop up above that and lose all my color and credit from this tile, well, I do NOT like that. So I definitely need to stay under 153.3!

Those are five of my milestone numbers ... 
Do you have "numbers" of your own?

Check back on Friday for my "official" weekly weigh-in.


  1. Oh, I have a million milestone numbers! My key one is 130, which is my goal weight. I have been at that weight before, and I look and feel so much better at that weight. I am just a few pounds away from being under 200, so that is a milestone that I will reach hopefully very soon (and then never see the 200's again!)

  2. High: 203.6 (early 2009)
    December 2009: 128
    2nd highest high: 194.6 October 2012
    126-current low
    130-body is apparently most comfortable, now, at this weight
    125-next goal
    114-dream weight (probably unattainable.)


  3. I DO have numbers of my own. You are the data guru! I found all sorts of data on my dietbet profile. I've been doing those on and off over the past 2 yrs. I've yoyoed big time. High of 214...low of 150. But my yoyos have been between 160 and 180 mainly. As an adult I've never been smaller than 150, so my body fights me when I get below 160...not fun!

  4. My milestone numbers...

    132 - A weight I effortlessly maintained most of my adult life.
    223 - My highest weight.
    180 - The number I stabilized after reaching goal the first time and before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
    118 - The number I reached after VLCD. My family/friends said I looked tired and sick at this number. I don't think it was the weight but the VLCD that made me look sick and tired.
    125 - My happy/goal/maintaining number, maintaining this weight for the past few years.

  5. My milestones were always 10 kg range..that was always my focus...initially I wanted to be in my early 80s(kg) then I wanted to reach early 70s(kg) then 60s(kg) finally I have stopped a mid 50s(kg) and I keep moving 2 kgs+ - for the longest time now...

  6. Max known weight 270 lbs.
    Weight ranged 118-136 back in high school.
    My goal weight 130 lbs


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