Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things To Do Thursday

So I got up today and got in my usual 20min session on the elliptical. I got the kids off to school (lunches, carpoolx2) and then, I thought I'd try Zumba. At my usual Tuesday Zumba at our church, they mentioned a couple other locations with similar, free classes on Wed/Thurs. My anxiety kicks in at trying anything new, but I could feel my motivation level was low, so I figured I might do better in a group setting today. Unfortunately, I think it was Wed/FRI ... as there was no Zumba happening when I drove out to the different location.

As I had my shoes and HRM on ... I decided to hit the treadmill when I got home.  I committed to one mile at 5mph. When I hit that, I was still feeling pretty good ... so I kept going. This happened yesterday too, I went two miles then. Today ... 2.5. One of these days I'm going to do an impromptu 5k. But not today, I do have a lot on the docket today. Being a SAHM with the kids in school ... what do I have going on to fill my day?

I do plan on some additional exercise. I did NMTZ (No More Trouble Zones by Jillian Michaels) yesterday, and have weights on deck for tomorrow, so today is just cardio. I NEED to get 40 more minutes on the elliptical, because I set a streaks goal of 60min every day in February. That shouldn't be a problem - two more 20min sessions sometime during the day.  I'd also like to hit the stationary bike ... I finished up my book yesterday and have a new one waiting. I feel a bit guilty just sitting and reading, but if I'm reading and riding ... well then I'm doing two things at once and that can't be construed as a waste of time, right?

I need to finish up the boy's valentine day cards ... cutting and inserting the suckers. I'm on deck for the party at the school tomorrow. I think I'm prepped for that (as I do it every year). You can check out the list of games I'm planning (Valentine's Games).  Only one child need a "box" and we are just recycling one from last year (my Lazy Mom's Valentine Box).

I don't really have anything for hubby ... hmmmm.

We've got a lot of leftovers (pizza from Monday, baked ziti from Tuesday, chicken pillows from Wednesday) so I think I'm off the hook for making anything new tonight.   Schedules are a bit crazy anyway. Basketball practice for #2, #4 and #3 (all at different times and different locations). I believe #1 has a game at the church too. And on the topic of basketball, I'm SO behind in making my highlight videos of the games (Basketball Mom). I have the video files on my computer. I need to go through all the clips, weed out the ones without any action shots, then make them into a movie. It takes a while ... and I'm just sitting while I do all that. I don't like just sitting. But those video files are just waiting, waiting, waiting for me ... (more games coming up on Saturday too). 

Back to my morning run ... I've put on music these past couple days. The days before that, I've been watching a show during my treadmill time. I think the music is what has motivated me to keep going these past couple days. I spent some time putting together a perfect 5mph playlist a while back. I am one who needs to match my footballs with the rhythm of the music. I like to Feel the Beat.

Hubby recently bought us a much needed, new computer. I'm a PC gal, this is a Mac ... it's going to take some figuring out (even though we're an Apple family in all other Apple/Android respects). With the installation of Itunes, we've moved all the music over. Now I know you can transfer playlists as well, but unfortunately, with one of the recent updates, all of our playlists mysteriously disappeared. I still have them on my ipods/iphone ... but I'm just anticipating the hours of work that will be required to try to recreate all my playlists. Playlists are important! It took a ton of time to select all my perfect 5mph beat songs that motivated me today. I've been unwilling to sync stuff until I get this done, and things are getting outdated. Ah, technology and first world problems! I was jogging, I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done today (or in the near future, I'm NOT going to get to all of these things today). Then, instead of actually DOING some of these things, I jumped online, read a little, blogged a bit, and just joined the Thinking Out Loud link-up *Ü* . I guess I best go get going on my Things to do Thursday ...

What do you have on the docket today?

Are you a Mac or PC person?
How important are YOUR playlists?

I'm also going to link-up with the Non-Scale Victory Linkup ... both for my 2.5 mile jog (my longest in ... um, I can't remember when I've ever jogged that far without stopping to walk) and even my ATTEMPT to go to a new Zumba class. It took a LOT for me to even think about walking into an unfamiliar situation ... I'll have to double check the location/times and try again. I felt unmotivated this morning, but now I'm proud of what I've accomplished just this morning! *Ü*


  1. I just realized I could burn a cd from iTunes. That's how out of it I am re iTunes. I hope you find your old you still have the old pc? your songs would be on could burn to a cd, and transfer from that to your new pc. The Apple iTunes help forum is pretty good, too. Just do a search for your specific problem. :)

    1. Yes, we have all the stuff, it is just going to take me sitting down for a couple of hours and re-creating the playlist. I've searched all the forums about the disappearing playlists (apparently I'm not the only one who has had the problem) ... just another something you should back up! So nothing is gone that can't be redone, it's just going to be time consuming ... and I need some tutorials on how the Mac works (I currently can't find a scroll bar to move around - I know hubs or #1 can give me a quick lesson, they just aren't home at the moment).

  2. I realized yesterday that I had nothing for my hubby for V-day and we were expected to get a butt load of snow (we did...and are). I pulled out the paper and colored pencils and created. ha ha cheap and shows my procrastinating tendencies!

  3. I'm very much a Mac girl! I had to do some work on a PC a couple of days ago and I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I went Mac about 8 years ago and I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to go back. That really sucks about your playlists, though :( I recently had to go back and redo mine after my hard drive crashed, and it was definitely a pain in the butt.

  4. I'm 100% Mac!! I went from my MacBook to a MacBook Air and love it!!!


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