Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Recap

Time to look back at the month, at 2014 thus far ...  after my Disappointing December it was nice to feel physically able to get back to exercise.  Hit my goals (see right sidebar) 17 out of the 31 days.  It's just hard to get in enough exercise with the demands of the weekends (Friday schedule shifts, Saturday basketball games, church on Sunday). I'm pretty happy with this.

A closer look at the cardio ...
I dropped my elliptical requirements from 100 minutes (had it set to this for 2013) to 60 minutes. This is simply MY designated number, a pretty random pick. Admittedly, since changing my "streaks" requirement, I have NOT hit 100 minutes on the elliptical nearly as often ... but I have gotten more marks on my "Mile" and "Bike" and I think mixing it up a bit is a good thing.  But back to just 60 minutes on the elliptical a day ... I should be able to get quite a streak for that, maybe even an entire month. Didn't make it in January though ... maybe February (it IS a short month after all). Shall we call that a goal for next month?

On the days I did a different activity (zumba, cardio dvd, wii fit, ping pong) or something that didn't quite make it onto one of the other streaks boards (say 30-40 minutes of elliptical) I marked it here. If you layer and look at all the streaks, you'll see I did workout every day.

Here's another calendar.
All activity at a glance!

  Strength Training
I was happy with my strength training results. At the end of the year, I decided to switch my "weights" days to Friday. I was a little worried that I might not get them in, but I did good this month. True, I missed the first Friday (but DID do them Monday, December 30 so I did get them in that week).  There was a "Jillian January" challenge going on ... I didn't officially join it, but I had it there in the back of my mind and felt pretty good about what I got done.  My first day back, I did my final workout of Ripped in 30 (I had been doing it before I got sick and had the one final workout left). Then I did 30DS for the rest of the month ... the first week I did one day of each level. Then I did one week of each level. I tried Jillian's "Yoga Meltdown" once. Not sure what I'm planning for February (repeat Ripped? No More Trouble Zones or Shred it with Weights?) ... I had better decide by Monday!

For food ... staying under 2000 calories shouldn't be such a challenge, but it's all about the food choices. The empty calories add up quick. Some days I was just barely over, other days ... over by quite a bit. I felt like I did pretty good (for me) on my "Feeling Fruity" streak. Some yummy grapefruit helped out with that this month.

Intake vs Burn

 Had some cross-over and touching a times ...
Need to do better keeping those lines apart.
I'd like to bump up the exercise average just a bit.
Get the eating average under 2000.

Looking back, on January 1, I weighed in at 153.9. Yesterday morning, January 31 ... 148.7. So that's a drop of 5.2 pounds for the month. I'll take it! I was 153.3 at the start of December though, so it doesn't look as impressive when I take that into consideration. I am quite happy with where I'm at though. I'm feeling good about myself most of the time, although I know there is still oodles of room for improvement. I'll continue to work toward losing a little more, dropping body fat, but I'm not obsessed with hitting my goal weight (135) as much as I am not going back above 150.

How was your January?

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