Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Days of the Week

I've been using Walker Tracker for a few years now. I just enter my steps each day and I get a lot of cool graphs and numbers tracking my activity. One of the graphs I've always found interesting was the "day of the week average".  It usually just reflects what I already know ... Tuesdays are great (cardio) days, Sunday (and the entire weekend) are my worst. Mon,Wed&Fri are weight days, where I spend 45-60 minutes working out but don't get many steps to show for it.

When I look at my ALL TIME graph ... it's a little different. I remember a time when Mondays were a good (high step) day. When I was getting steps in on Saturdays (this was related to basketball, when the boys had games at the gym with a track above. I'd get in 2-3 hours watching and waiting during their games. Sometimes games and practices would be at the very end of the day, when I certainly didn't feel like working about ... but I couldn't just sit while there was a track there!) Sundays are pretty much always bad for steps... not a "rest" day per say ... but with sleeping in, church, family activities, etc ... I just call them "Slow Sundays" ...

Currently, Tuesdays have been my best days. I'll hit a session on the elliptical first thing, carpool the kids to school, then go to Zumba. I get 10,000 steps by 10 am.   

It's my Tuesday 10x10.
And getting such a jump on steps that early in the day ... it's often a 30k on Tuesday too. I hit the elliptical a few more times during the day. Read my book while I rode the stationary bike. I had an hour in the early evening, so I went down for some treadmill time. I was actually tempted to push it even MORE yesterday, to set a new PB on Fitbit (I have my 35,000 badge, next up is 40,000 ... I could have gotten there, but hubby was home and a shower and snuggle time sounded nice too).

I kept calories in check yesterday, I was really hoping to see a shift on the scale ... but no, it went UP! An entire pound! Frustrating. I know, don't put stock in the day to day readings. At least my MFP ticker is still at "30 pounds lost" ... I really don't like when it slips back into the 20s. When I wrote about My Milestones, I didn't stop and figure out exactly what number makes my MFP ticker drop back to 29 or worse. I might have to look into that (me and my numbers you know!) Linking up with Weigh-In Wednesday ... but check back Friday for my "official" weekly weigh-in and week recap.

Well, I'm going to try a different Zumba class this morning (yet another free church offering, I have yet to actually pay for a class although at this point I think I'd be willing, I just am not sure about how to go about finding one ... I know gyms offer them, but I'm not interested in a gym membership as I have my home gym downstairs!) Then it is strength-training, NMTZ day ... a basketball game for #3 in the evening, clear across town. I'm not looking forward to driving that (next week's location is even worse, so I've told the kid they can lose tonight's game, as I don't even want to go next week! I've got driving issues!)

Do you have a "good" day of the week? A "bad" one?

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