Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby It's Cold ... Downstairs

My home gym is in the basement. It's usually a good 10° cooler in the basement gym than it is in the rest of the house. It's great in the summer ... not so great in the winter. 59° is just a tad chilly. But after about 10 minutes of working out, I am warmed up enough that I'm ready for my fan.

Recently in the news, I've noticed quite a few stories pushing the PROS of working out in cooler temperatures, or just being cold in general. This article in Everyday Health  (here) says that 15minutes of shivering can actually equal an hour workout on the bike! An almost identical story (based on the same study) was in Medical News Today. I did a quick Google search and found there had been several articles on this topic published in the last month or so.  So if you are in an area hit by the extreme cold this winter ... look to the positive! Perhaps it will help you shed a bit of weight *Ü*.  Currently my car heater has decided not to work (both the blowing air and the wonderful seat warmers, which I always adored). So as I spent my miserable moments carpooling the kids in the cold, I'll hope I'm shivering off some calories.

Indoors, where I have a little more control,  I keep our thermostat set to 68° during the winter. At times it feels a little cool, and the kids complain a bit (I'm not a Nazi, I'll let them turn it up if they are feeling really chilly). But I've found the cooler temp actually encourages me to go get in a workout ... if simply to warm up! And once I have worked out, 68° feels plenty warm (and if the kids have turned up the heat to 70° or above it feels uncomfortably hot, coming from the cool gym into the warmer upstairs). Everyday Health had another article recently on this topic (Turn Down The Thermostat to Lose Weight ... and on a completely irrelevant note, we have that exact Nest Thermostat pictured in the article. Hubby is a gadget guy and it's a gadget. *Ü* ).  Although this conflicted a bit with another article they posted last summer (Odd Things That Make You Fat ... Too Much A/C).

What do you think is the ideal temperature for working out?
What do you keep your home thermostat set to?

As the weather here was "warmed up" to mid-30s ... I see a lot of exercisers hitting the outdoors again. I'm an indoor exerciser, so the weather doesn't impact me much (although the dark, dreary days can be hard on my mood, I need some sunshine and blue skies!) If you do hit the great outdoors, be careful out there ... enjoy this story (The Joys of Jogging in the Snow), of a couple taking a jog, getting interviewed about how nice the conditions really are ... and then the woman wipes out on camera.

That's MY tip this Tuesday.
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  1. This time if year is so weird for going to the gym. I have to leave my coat on for the first five minutes or so. After about 15 minutes, I'm wishing someone would open the door and let the cool air in. :)

  2. We keep our house set at 68 too. When I get up at 5:00 am and head downstairs it is probably low 60s but I heat up pretty quickly. As long as I don't have to take my workout outside into the single digit temps and snow I'm happy.

  3. Love this! I actually love working out in a colder room. I keep my home set around 70 degrees, which is perrrrfect in my book!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing this tip! Excited to see you join in next week!!


  4. Thanks for sharing Jen! It seems so much easier to get excited about getting into those workout clothes when it's warmer, but once you get moving the cold is great!

  5. I've been so cold anymore, but I absolutely hate sweating during workouts because of a hot room. I'd never survive in that bikram yoga. I love when there are fans on and aimed near my machines at the gym. But when my house is freezing, I either have to run out the door as soon as I get changed otherwise I'm going to be under a fuzzy blanket for the rest of the night!


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