Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Spotlight #14 ...Customer Service Experiences

When it comes to blogs ... I think I'm a fairly recreational reader. When I see other bloggers with huge lists of great articles and favorite blog posts (see Saturday Spotlight #13 for a list a several bloggers who do) I'm realizing I'm not getting in quite the quantity or quality reviews they are. My list is pretty small this week, but I'm also shining the spotlight on a couple of companies and my recent experiences with them.

  • ABCDK or E, What Will Make A Healthy Me? I was reading in our local paper and came across this article, it, and the two articles it references had some interesting points. Are you a "pill popper"  hoping to augment your health with vitamins and supplements?
  • Keeping Your Cool: Another article about turning down the heat. I just posted several other articles on this topic too (Baby It's Cold Downstairs). I definitely like it cool when I sleep!
  • Just Don't Go:  This is a funny video for those of you still stuck in bad weather (our snow has all melted and it was a lovely day yesterday, around 45° and with the sun and blue skies it felt wonderful!) ... or those who love the song "Let it Go" from Frozen (I have yet to see the movie ... I have five BOYS, no girls, so ...)

I was really sad to hear about the hit Fitbit has been taking on their new Force tracker.  My brother has the Force and hasn't had any issues. It is being voluntarily recalled and stripped from shelves.

You know I'm a Fitbit Fan. I've been meaning to mention some experiences I've had with them recently. I am quite lucky, in that I managed to hold on to my original Ultra for over two years without losing (or washing) it. Others have not been as lucky as I, yet I had heard so many stories about people getting their Fitbit's replaced by the company, even when the fault was not at all with Fitbit. I finally had a chance to test out the customer service I had heard so much about when my son's Flex wristband started to split. I sent them a picture of the band (not yet a year old) and they immediately sent out a replacement. My mother had some struggles with her One not working properly and again ... they sent out a replacement. I have nothing but good things to say about Fitbit!

As I've mentioned in previous posts (Reaping the Rewards, Everymove Update) I link said Fitbit to several reward sites and earn some kickbacks for the my activity. Everymove had an award come up for a free women's workout top. I signed up to earn the reward and it didn't take me too long to reach the number of points required. As I am rather suspicious by nature, I wondered if there was some fine print. I was anticipating my "reward" to end up as a discount (requiring a purchase) or sudden shipping charges to be added. That didn't happen. I contacted the company in question (Mondetta Performance Gear or MPG) and received an immediate email back asking me which top I wanted.

There were no surprises or shipping fees. It was FREE (regular price over $30). I selected THIS top (see the picture at right). I did have to wait a bit for it to come. I did have to recontact the company and inquire ... but I did receive my women's top. I'm wearing it right now in fact. *Ü* It really is a nice quality. Soft and comfortable, but very sturdy and well made.  The little ties from the hoodie do bounce around a bit while I'm working out ... they are somewhat distracting.

Anyway ... another thumbs up for both Everymove, and for MPG, for rewarding people for their activity! Since I posted my Achievemint Update a bit ago, I added several apps (MFP, Facebook, Instagram) and they have really increased my earnings there! I hit my 25,000 points, but this time did select the roll-over option (going for 50,000 and a $50 payout. A 5,000 point bonus for rolling it over).  I'm currently at 39,300 points ...

What have you been reading?
Do you have any recent experiences (good or bad) with companies to share?


  1. Have a great Saturday! Oh, and please update your blogroll link for me to:

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    1. I got you updated :) Hope the move went smoothly :)

  2. I love the idea of rewards...thanks for sharing..I am going to go looking and read your previous post which I missed :)


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