Thursday, April 24, 2014

Check Engine

It's amazing how much stress a little light can create. We've actually been dealing with the engine light in my son's truck for a while. We took it in for repairs, $400 later ... the light was still on. We took it to our regular mechanic (they had been closed the first day, which is why we tried somewhere else), another $400, and it was STILL on. We figured perhaps it was just defective ... but #1 took it in for inspection and registration and it didn't pass the emissions test. Back to the mechanic with the problem in black and white (Cylinder 8 Misfire) and they said that is internal, and will require an engine rebuild.

That doesn't sound good. We haven't figured out what we are going to do yet.

I hate car problems...I'm sure I'm not alone there. I don't even like cars though, they are a necessary and expensive evil. I really don't like driving at all. I actually have extreme anxiety in the car. I don't drive freeways or downtown, and even as a passenger, I struggle. I'm tense and anxious the entire time. I do okay driving around the neighborhood, those trips required for school and shopping. Basketball pushes my boundaries at times. I had to drive across town Tuesday night for #3's game. Last night #2's game was too far. It would have required the freeway. I had to have him catch a ride with a basketball buddy and I missed out and seeing him play.

Now ... I'm getting stressed on even the smallest of drives. Why?  Because the engine light has now come on in MY car now too. I'm seriously sick about it.

Hubs says we'll work it out and I'm sure we will. I just don't know how. I don't know when we'll have the time for any of us to have a car in the shop. I guess we can rent a car for a few days, but still, just the thought of having to find someone to deal with the problem, fix it, pay for it ... and we're under a deadline with the registration expiration too.

I'm stressed. I've been doing ok as far as not letting the stress affect my eating. I overindulged this past weekend, but that was Easter, not this. I've been trying to outlet my emotions in exercise ... hitting the elliptical or treadmill. Zumba makes me happy ... except that I drive to those locations and that little light just blares at me every time I go anywhere. I wake up at night and worry and can't get back to sleep. 

So Thinking Out Loud this Thursday.
THAT is what has been on my mind lately!

First world problems I know. We're lucky that we have three cars to start with. That although I'm NOT looking forward to the cost, it probably won't devastate us financially (I'm sure hoping not!).

It would be interesting if our bodies had warning lights on them. Maintenance required. Check Engine. If there was a little light that wouldn't turn off until you dealt with the problem ... hmmm. There's food for thought.


  1. My hubby's check engine light has come on twice in the past 2 months; I know the (financial) strain, and the worry (with older cars.) It sucks. Royally. Good job on not reaching for sugar to soothe yourself, though! Sometimes that can be REALLY hard!

  2. Oh man I hate those lights! I hope the repairs don't break the bank:/ Car problems are the worst, especially since most of us can't function with our cars;)

  3. Yes, I'd be stressed too!!!! Breathe in and breathe will work out!!!

  4. It may not be as bad as you think. We had that ourselves about 2 months ago with our 2004 Subaru (177K miles). All we needed was a new gas cap on the tank. When it isn't on tight enough it sends you that dreaded "check engine light"


    1. Guess what? The light went off in MY car? I HAD seen a notification that I needed to tighten the gas cap a while back, and maybe that was it. It took a while and a fill up to work out, but the check engine light in MY burb is off. Unfortunately still have the issues with #1 son's truck ... but better one car than two!

  5. You're right, car problems are the absolute worst, if something happened to me, I'd be about screwed because we desperately need them but repairs are expensive. I hope it goes well with you guys - praying for the best.

  6. Oh dear. I hope your trusted mechanic can really find the problem and solve it for both cars. It is a bit perplexing to drive around while you have your check engine light on. Considering your particular discomfort in driving around, it must be more stressful for you.

    Ron Campbell @ Penn Exxon


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