Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My "Earndit" Experience

I've done a number of posts about the various "reward" sites out there (Reaping The Rewards)... rewarding you for your activity, for personal gain or for charity. I shared my experience with Everymove and Achievemint. I suggested linking up with the Walgreens  and I promoted the Weightless Project, helping out the hungry just by linking up your activity tracker (Fitbit/Jawbone).

I'll be sharing my experience with FitStudio (ShopYourWay with Sears/Kmart) and PACT coming up, but I thought it was past time to talk a little about Earndit ... as it was one of the first ones I looked into. I actually forget about Earndit most of the time. It's one I signed up for, but don't check in on often.

Earndit connects to several different types of trackers. I just synced my Fitbit and collect points from my steps. There are challenges, and points to be gained from referring people too.

I'll get email updates each week with a quick recap of the points I've earned.

Earndit is one of the reward sites that does allow international users. There area lot of "rewards" ... but they are just discounts in disguise. I have yet to see anything that actually appeals to me. They also have several sweepstakes you can use your points to enter, but that seems like a reach, I'm not really a gambling gal.

They do have charity options though...
It's not a specific amount (like the $5 donation to Make a Wish offered by Everymove), but you click on give, and someone else clicks on give, and when enough people have clicked (Earndit doesn't disclose how many points actually add up to the donation going out), then you get an email that the charity donation has been achieved. It's hard to know if any of this is actually happening for sure, but I'd like to think that these small steps are helping others.  At times, there have NOT been any charity rewards available to redeem ... in that case I just hang onto my points until they reappear. They always do.

That's my tip this Tuesday...
Try Earndit ...give a little back.
I'm linking up with with Lisa and Kristen for Tip Tuesday.

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