Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Recap

Time to recap the month of March. If you look at my "Got to Goal" streaks calendar ... well, there are no surprises. Mon-Thurs are my "good" days. On the days I have a structured routine, I hit my goal. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it's a different story. The ONE Friday I hit goal, hubby was gone ... and I exercised into the evening. I'm often above goal on my good days, hopefully enough that it balances out my wicked weekends. The "non-goal" days were not all bad, but there were some BAD ones (all the details are in my Day to Day Doings). 

I did really well with my exercise this month. I exercised every single day. I broke my 60min elliptical streak though ... I only got 40 minutes on March 29.   I got in my elliptical, 1 mile jog and 30minutes on the bike on almost all my Mon-Thurs days (some days I just didn't have it in me for the jog). I went to Zumba every Tues/Wed/Thurs and even got one Friday session in (when the kids were out of school and I didn't have to drive them to late start).  I got in weights Mon/Wed/Fri the entire month. I did my full body weight routine on Mon and Fri and did a couple different DVDs for the mid-week sessions, just to try something new and push me out of my routine and comfort zone. Yes, I do spend a lot of time on exercise ... but it's also my TV time and reading time. Some of my long walks were during basketball games/practices as well. Double duty ... it's how I make the most of my time.

I forgot to grab this graph on the evening of March 31 ... dang it! I really wish Fitbit would allow us to enter a time frame to customize the capture. Once it is past, it is gone. One of the main reasons I set up this blog to begin with, was just to have a place to put these graphs, organized and side-by-side (Intake vs Burn Graphs). My averages are almost where I want them (3000 for average burn, 2000 for average intake). I did have a few days where my intake/burn lines touched or even crossed ... on days I don't get the burn, I need to better curb the calories (but those are the days I go a little crazy with my eating, isn't that how it goes?) Food ... even when calories are kept in check is still not great. Too many treats. To many items in my "Completely Empty Calories" section. I actually named one of my sections that on MFP.  I am tracking everything, good or bad. I'm coming on my one-year anniversary at MFP. I haven't missed a day.

On day one of March I weighed in at 149.50. On the morning of the last day, I was 153.3 ... BUT that was an uber up after a bad weekend. I HAD been 148.0 on the last "official" Friday weigh-in for March, and the day after the high, weight was back to 150.7 which isn't wonderful, but at least isn't too far off where I started the month. I did have one whole week under 150 ... which hasn't happened in the past five years. I hope to repeat that, and lose a bit more, enough that even a bad weekend won't bump me back up over 150. That is the goal ...

I actually consider March a success. 
I'm happy with it.

You know I love link-ups ... I just found a new one Wednesday Wonderfulz ... I'd already had this post written up for today, and honestly, the OCD in me will probably want to backdate this to April 1 (which was a Tuesday). But for now, I'll link up *Ü*


  1. Great job on your goals. I have to keep mine in front of me and always checking them to keep up. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wonderfulz!

  2. That is exactly my schedule.....routine days...week days,....I do good. Weekends that are up in the air....eii yii yii!


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