Friday, April 25, 2014

WWI#41 & Five Favorite Blogs

Well ... THAT wasn't a good week! Thank you Easter Bunny Bawk Bawk! Hubby touted that familiar statement on Easter Sunday and the kids just looked at him with confused faces. He looked up the old M&M's commercial on YouTube ... the kids are now familiar. It has been repeated many, many MANY times since Sunday, still causing laughter, and I'm sure we'll enjoy it again every Easter for years to come.

But seriously... I blame Easter! It seems like I struggle every April, putting on a few pounds just in time for summer. There has also been stress and not sleeping, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. And I guess it will be TOM time any day ... I guess. It came early last month, so I don't know if that shifts the whole schedule or what.

NUMBERS: Yikes up, 1.9.  My average was up too, the average weight for the week is actually 152.4 as well, that's the first time they have lined up exactly. No deficit at all this week, I was over ... only by 750 calories (not the 7000 the almost two pound increase would suggest). Average intake was 2600, which IS higher than I recall it ever being. So Easter + stress ... I said I wasn't stress eating, but I guess maybe I was when I look at the numbers. Average burn stayed pretty steady at 2846. I did take a complete rest day on Sunday (can't remember the last time I didn't exercise at all). 

In the past weeks, I'd say "well, at least my MFP ticker is still showing my 30 pounds lost" ... hanging head. Not so today. It's slipped back to 28. I really hate the slipping back. Now time for that delicate balance of "don't be too hard on yourself, you'll get back on track" and "girl, get it together, this is completely unacceptable!"  Linking up with Fitness Friday.

With the Internet Accountability behind me, time for ...

I didn't linkup to the Friday Five Linkup at Eat Pray Run because it was themed, and I'd already planned on showcasing my five favorite Easter treat temptations. This week however, I didn't have anything planned, so I was happy to have a theme to inspire me.  It's Follow Friday, time to feature bloggers you follow.

I follow a LOT of people ... I struggle to keep up (future blog post coming up trying to find the best ways to follow all my favorites). You can see I keep a HUGE list of bloggers down on my sidebar. I'm constantly adding to it too. It's hard to pick just five ... but as I featured five favorite songs a few weeks ago (5 Favorite 5mphSongs), again, how do you pick just five? For that post, I picked my five Top20/Popular type songs ... I'll be showcasing songs again, with my top 5 songs of different themes (so check back) but I thought here, I'd pick five of my favorite blogs that are BIG blogs, those with large followings. Popular/Professional (in the future I'll try and hit other blogs according to different themes). Anyway .... my featured five:
  • Katie at Runs for Cookies: I think I first found this blog after it was listed in a magazine. Katie writes almost every day and is just so personable that you feel like you actually know her. Her weight-loss and dedication to running is very inspiring.
  • Diane at Fit to the Finish: Another inspiring weight-loss success story ... and she has seven kids (I thought I had my hands full with five). I really like her posts, they are often though provoking and meaningful. 
  • Jill at Fitness, Health and Happiness:  Lots of great articles, and she hosts some fun blog hops which have helped me find new blogs, and I believe brought me new readers as well. Both Jill (and Diane above) have taken the time to come back and comment on my blog too. That's nice personal contact when you know they have a lot of readers!
  • Katie at Healthy Diva Eats: Oh my heavens, her little baby is SO cute. She writes in such an easy, conversational tone, you feel like friends. Touches on a lot of topics, shares recipes and reviews, and hosts the MIMM blog hop, which is very popular!
  • Amanda at Running with Spoons: I've really enjoyed the "Thinking Out Loud" blog hop on Thursdays, and Amanda almost always takes the time to come comment. That immediately impressed me, as it's a pretty big link-up list! I've seen her pinning articles too, spreading the love. She is also very conversational, easy and enjoyable to read featuring fitness and food and everything inbetween.
So there's my list for today ... give a little shout out to five bloggers YOU are following.

Also linking up with the other Friday Five Blog Hops!  
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  1. Hey Jen! I found your blog through Cynthia's Friday Five.

    This is the time of year I tend to assess my fitness, and it usually can use some work. I feel like spring in the Carolinas is a culprit - I feel slow, sluggish, bloated, and generally unhealthy. Also, uninspired.

    On days in the spring I can manage to get moving, it feels great, though.

    Best of luck on your journey, and I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Most of these blogs are new to. Me so I'll definitely check them out.

  3. Hi, visiting from the friday 5. I love that you just introduced me to 5 new bloggers! I've never read any of these yet. Thank You!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Finding new blogs and friends is the best part of a link up :)

  5. I love those blogs too!!! Some others are Chef Ahki, BGG2WL is another one.

  6. I love a few of those blogs too, but I"m going to have to go check the few others you listed that I have never been to before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. thanks for sharing your list of top 5, I was introduced to two new blogs thanks to you :)


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