Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fitbit Finds, Fitbit Fails

It's Thursday ... and Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud. It's Thursday afternoon though. I generally TRY to get my post up first thing, even writing it the night before. Didn't happen. It's Spring Break here. The kidlets are out of school. There was some sleeping in and it feels like a Saturday. My Saturdays are generally not very productive. Today has not been terribly productive.

So, I wasn't going to post. I mean, I don't HAVE to post every day. 
But here I am ... Thinking Out Loud.

Almost 18000 steps today ... but that's slow for a Thursday.
Will I hit my 22,000 goal by end of day?

I did get to Zumba today. After Zumba, I drove down the street and hit Kmart. I didn't really "need" anything, but I had $13 in credit to spend. I received the credit simply by signing up for their new FitStudio, which rewards participants for being active (thanks HealthyDivaEats for bringing this program to my attention, you all KNOW I love reward programs that link with my Fitbit! I plan on doing a full write up and review of FitStudio coming up soon). I grabbed some stuff for Easter, got a couple clearance steals ... and apparently my purchases gave me another $12 credit for my next visit. I wonder how many activity points rewards I can add to that before my next trip in.

With all these awards programs ... my little Fitbit has literally paid for itself.

I just hit 50,000 points on Achievemint.  I've requested my payout. My dad reached the 50K to0. We'll both be watching our emails. My son recently received his $50 payment. It took a couple weeks but no further followup on our end. I do plan on another Achievemint Update post soon with these recent experiences.

I've earned "cash" rewards from Everymove and Walgreens rewards programs too ... just by linking my Fitbit. I'm mean, I LOVE my Fitbit and the feedback it provides. It motivates me. These rewards? They are just an extra bonus! I've donated a bunch to charity with these types of programs too. I think I can count my savings today as an NSV.

As much as I love my Fitbit ... we've had our Fitbit fails too.

I bought a Zip for hubby. I wasn't sure if it would click with him, so I went with the least expensive option ... he wasn't going to wear it to bed to track sleep anyway. Yea, I was right. I didn't click. #1 son, who had a Flex, decided he was tired of wearing one on his wrist, so we switched him out to the Zip. The Flex is currently sitting unused at our house. The Zip? Well ... #1 lost it during their recent trip to New York. Fitbit Fail. I had signed him up for an Achievemint account too, but I was thinking he'd never end up getting there ... I just went to check on it and guess what? He had hit the 25,000! $25 reward. I may make him pass it on to me to pay for the lost Fitbit (and the lost Jawbone up before that). I've been impressed with #2 (15 years old) not having any issues in almost a year of use.

My "Wondering About a Fitbit" post is still the most visited post here on this blog. By far!
Fitbit. Fitness AND Frugality! I am a fan.


  1. I have thought about getting a fitbit! I love reward programs as well.

    1. Many of these programs work with a variety of devices (Jawbone, Polar Loop, BodyMedia, etc.) but it can be a bit hit and miss with some of the others. Fitbit seems to be accepted EVERYWHERE. :)

  2. Great job on staying so active, girl! Definitely an inspiration for people who struggle to get even the minimum 10000 steps a day. I've thought about getting a Fitbit before, but I have yet to take the plunge.

  3. I love your Fitbit posts! Btw, I've nominated you for a Leibster award


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