Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Workouts, Weigh-In and Wonderful Weather

The weather has been wonderful this week. I've seen many friends across the country commenting about it, so it seems this nice forecast is fairly widespread ... except in New York, where Hubby and the boys are on vacation. Chilly with some rain there. With the warmer weather, I see MANY of you joyously jogging outdoors. Me? I'm still an indoor exerciser, regardless. In fact, this warmer weather can be a bit of a detriment to my workout routine. I feel the urge to go outside, stick my lower half in the sunshine and get a little color on my legs; happily reading and relaxing under the blue skies. Sing with me ... "I'm gonna soak up the sun" ...

I was a bit of a bad mommy today. My little one came downstairs early this morning as I was on the elliptical saying he didn't feel well. My first thought was "you can't be sick, I have Zumba today!"  Now ... not that I really think he's faking, but the last couple times he was "sick" and I let him stay home, he really didn't seem bad at all during the day. And there was a miraculous recovery right around the time school let out. I really have been one to err on the side of caution. So much so that last year I got a nasty letter from the elementary school saying my child had missed too many days and any further absences would require a doctor's note. So today ... I "encouraged" him to try school, saying he could call if he still wasn't feeling well. He was pretty much normal by the time I dropped him off, and I haven't got a call. And I got to go to Zumba *Ü*

I wear my HRM during Zumba. It was misbehaving a bit today, I don't know why. Not showing a heart rate, telling me to check the transmitter. Sometimes I need to stop and restart when that happens, but I really didn't want to do that, as then I wouldn't get an accurate reading of the full class. It did finally start registering again, but I know I missed out on it recording for a few minutes. These gadgets, they can be fun and motivating, but very frustrating when they decide not to work.

My Zumba stats today ... HRM and Fibit
(I keep stats from every Zumba workout here). 

I really like seeing the stats from the HRM ... but I don't always like to wear the HRM. It's just a bit of a pain to put on. It's tight around my chest, not super uncomfortable, but I'm always quite conscious of having it on. When I put it on ... brrrr, it's COLD (maybe I'll appreciate that more in the hot summer). If I put it on a second time during the day (as I do multiple workouts throughout the day), sometimes it's still sweaty. Ewwww.   I did go ahead and wear it for an elliptical session, and a bike session, just to keep tabs on its information for those activities ...

 30 minute bike ride.

20 minutes on the elliptical 

The problem with the elliptical ... if the HRM is correct (or closer to correct) in its calorie estimate, then my Fitbit is over-estimating by over 50 calories. Not a huge deal, but that is per workout, and I do three-five elliptical sessions a day. So then, that's a difference of  250+. That is a little high. I do try not to eat back all my calories. I attempt to leave an extra exercise calories as a buffer (in addition to the 500 deficit I'm already calculating in), but ... I'm not always successful. I've discussed my exercise estimates before (Trying to be Truthful, Exercise Estimates). I'm just a numbers gal ... I like to crunch the in and out and hopefully work it out so that I lose some weight.

Speaking of weight (and linking up with Weigh-in Wednesday) ... this is NOT going to be an "under 150 all week" week like I did a couple weeks ago. I'm just barely over this morning, and have been all week long (check back on Friday for a full report). My body really seems to like 150! I'm ok with it, I'd just like 145 a lot more. Goal is 135. I know if I paid less attention to numbers and just ate better, I'd probably have better success, ahhhh, just can't quite get to the "eating healthy" part. Of course, many years ago I would have said there isn't any exercise I like either, so ...

Linking up with Workout Wednesday and FitFoodRuns.
How's YOUR hump day?


  1. I call it a win if my devices and programs come within 50-100 calories of each other! I split the difference! ha ha ha

    Hey, zumba is important.....if he was sick you could have picked him up from school after zumba! :-)

    1. In my manual entries (my excel file, Daily Mile) I do split the difference ... but I generally don't go to the bother of actually changing anything on the Fitbit site. They have been about 100 calories apart, pretty consistently. For an hour workout, that isn't too bad. Those elliptical workouts can be 50+ difference for just 20minutes, and that adds up quick.

      I really figured if he went to school, he'd feel fine enough to see it though, and he did. No problems this morning, so no risk to my Thursday Zumba. I felt a bit off myself though! I was a little afraid I might pass out ... I made it through fine too though!

  2. I forgot where I read this but if I can find it I will send it to you on your FB page. The article was a study that said to take off 15-20% of the elliptical calorie total on the machine when you finish with the workout. I'm 147 pound but would like to keep my weight at 145 but I find it hard to do. How tall are you? Visiting from the #wowlinkup. I also tweeted your article.

    1. I'm 5'5" or 5'6" ... the machine reading is higher than both the Fitbit and HRM. I do go in and adjust the Fitbit calculation on my bike rides every day. It's a bit of a pain, but the Fitbit almost doubles the HRM/Bike estimate, I'm not sure why. But the elliptical, I jump on their 3-5 times a day and going in and manually adjusting that down in Fitbit every single time ... I TRY to keep an extra 500 calories extra (beyond my deficit) but I'm not always successful. I do like to eat ...

  3. Eating healthy is my struggle and my son does the exact same thing. Comes in with a sad face, says he is sick and I keep him home and he is playing all day with no problems. GRRRR! I love my Polar FT4 HRM - I wear it during boot camp and trust me you will love the numbers but best believe you have earned the numbers. #wowlinkup

  4. I love that the weather is finally getting nicer and I am loving the fact that I get to wear less when I go out running.

    I need to charge my fitbit so I can start using it again!

  5. I have been poking around your site quite a bit today, Jen. . . I started with looking at your Motivation Monday link up that you had originally mentioned in a comment to one of my posts earlier this week. . .

    BUT, I got sidetracked. LOL. This may be a silly question, but I want to know how on earth you work out several times throughout the day?! Okay. That didn't come out right. I am trying to get more active myself. I can't stand being all kinds of sweaty, though. SO, once I am done, I am done for the day. Do you take, like, a BAZILLION showers? Or do you have some other kind of trick? LOL.

    So, seriously, all kidding aside, what is your trick? ;)

    1. In truth? I'm just a sweaty mess most of the day. I live in my workout wear. I do quick 20minute workouts, so I often don't get too bad. I tuck cloth between my body and bra, so that my bra doesn't get too sweaty. I change if I need to. When I'm running kids, or even a trip to the store, I don't bother changing. I just try to freshen up a bit. If I'm actually going somewhere, I will TRY to shower and dress in regular clothes :)

      I'm a SAHM but the kids are a bit older now and in school, so I have a bit more time to work with. I generally shower at the end of the day, washing it all off ...

      Thanks for poking around and commenting. It's fun to connect! :)

    2. Thank you for your honesty! I guess I just need to find my own routine that'll work for me. ;)

  6. I live in FL so I'm in short and tanks most days. This makes it's easy to get in workouts without changing but I hate being sweaty so if i know i'm not going outside anymore I shower and put on a sundress or something to chill in.


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