Friday, May 2, 2014

WWI#42 & Five 5mph Favs

I wasn't excited to weigh-in this morning. Sometimes I am! This was very similar to last week.  I remember just a few weeks ago (weigh-in #37) when I managed to get an entire week under 150. This week, I didn't see anything under 150. Boo. It's my eating, I take responsibility for that.

Numbers: Up an ounce from last week. Average is down an ounce. High was 153.9. Low was 150.8. I DID have a deficit for the week of 2720. I'm not great with weighing and measuring my food, but I do try to honestly track and log it all. I try to be generous with my food estimates, and conservative with my exercise estimates. Average intake was 2171. Average burn was 2757.  You can check out details in my Day to Day Doings ...

I need to try and work on my eating. Improving the quality of the calories I consume, and consuming less overall. I'm SO bad with what I eat, that it probably wouldn't take a huge change to make a difference. I need to get the willpower to avoid the temptations. The yummy, yummy temptations that taste oh so good. *Ü* Linking up with Fitness Friday, Follow Through Friday and a belated Weigh-In Wednesday

Onto the fun stuff ... Friday Five!

I've really been enjoying music again lately. Not that I ever stopped, but I definitely go through phases. An Itunes update resulted in the loss of all our playlists a few months ago, and I'd avoided syncing my ipod, because I hadn't gotten around to recreating my playlist yet. I finally did, and I've actually looked forward to getting on the treadmill and trying out some songs, seeing if they are a good fit for my 5mph playlist. I'm quite specific ... my footfalls MUST match the beat.

I've been adding some new songs to my list, but today I thought I would share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FIVE ... those with a perfect beat for my 5mph pace. Those with lyrics that inspire and motivate me. Songs that always make me smile (sometimes cry, depending on my mood).

These are some lesser known songs I think...
Press play and let me tell you a little bit about them.

  • Move A Little Faster:  The song lyrics state "You're too slow boy, if you want to keep up you gotta move a little faster!"  It just makes me feel sassy, I'm wagging my finger in my mind ... and it makes ME go a little faster!
  • Calling All Friends: This has been a favorite for years and years now. A perfect beat for my jog. With blogging, this song has evolved a bit of a new meaning for me. All the new friends I've "met" and "people I don't even know" ... on the way down (down to a lower weight). It address feeling alone, yet offers hope. I love it!
  • Maybe: Don't let the band name (Sick Puppies) turn you off. This is a wonderful song. "Maybe it's time to reach for something more, to want to live a better life" ...I don't know where I first heard this song, but I'm glad I discovered it.
  • Breathe: I'd heard this song on the radio and felt under the deceptive slowness, it had a good beat. I was right! The first time it came across my playlist while I was jogging ... wow! "Breathe, just breathe" I kept breathing, and I kept running.
  • Chasing the Sun: I like a lot of Sara Bareilles songs ... I LOVE this one. "Remember, that life is not meant to be wasted, we can always be chasing the sun." It also says "fill up your lungs and just RUN."  That line just kills me! Makes me want to run... and live. Love, love, love this song!  "All we can do is try. And live like we're still alive." Maybe an all-time favorite ... and it just happens to be perfect for jogging too!

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Had you heard of any of these songs before?

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  1. Sounds like you are doing know why you arent under that 150 mark (my friend and I were talking about this's all eating!) and even better you rediscovered some old music/friends!


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