Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not Just a Weight Watcher

I've posted about my home gym before, and spotlighted my machines (elliptical, treadmill and bike). But I'm not all cardio. I like to lift too. Now the majority of the "weights" stuff is for hubby. When I first got interested in adding strength training to my routine (this was years ago, when I was originally losing weight back in 2006) I had the hubs come down and show me some simple moves to work on the different muscle groups. I've picked up other ideas from books and magazines through the years too. I've never followed any of the specific programs, but have just done my own full body workout.  

You can see in the picture above that we have a bench and a full system setup with bars, pulleys and plenty of plates. In the back corner is a calf machine, and on the other side of the room is a leg press. We have a rack full of dumbbells and my lone kettlebell (20pounds). I also have a couple medicine balls and some resistance bands. 

I use the dumbbells the most.
The top row is the 10 pound to 30 pound.
The top row is generally all I need.

I like to switch between the different muscle groups, rather than resting in-between sets. I do stick with the standard "3 sets" and rotate between a couple different exercises for each round.
    • I start with legs and chest. Mostly lunges and squats, with some pushups in-between. I'll usually add some bicep curls with the lunges/squats.
    • I move to the bench and alternate chest flies & skull crushers using using 10-15 pound weights, then sit-ups on the ball in between the bench work.  
    • Then back/calves ... alternating dumbell pullovers (20 pound dumbbell) and the calf machine. While on the calf machine I also work shoulders with 8 pound weights (lateral raise and military press). 
    • Time for legs/triceps. Butt blaster (20 pound dumbbell at the knee) and Tricep extension (20 pound dumbbell).
    • Wrapping it up ... leg curls on the stability ball (hamstring!), superman, plank and a couple additional ab exercises.
I'm not super strict with my routine. I'll change it up and throw in different exercises at times. I try to hit all the different body parts and finish up at an hour.  Sometimes I don't really feel like doing my weight workout, and I just tell myself I only have to do a quick 20 minute one ... and I almost always end up the full hour.

Here's a picture of the leg press machine. I do use it sometimes. You can see my treadmill to the side, and my stack of magazines there in the back.  I don't often use the bars or plates in the weight system, although I pull sometimes do a triceps pull down. I guess I'm just not very comfortable with the bars and anything I would need a spotter for (as I'm always alone when I workout). 

I always get in at least one full body workout a week. At times, I would try for two-three, but that wouldn't always happen. When I did Jillian Michaels 30Day Shred, I set my weight workout aside and I missed it. I do like Jillian's workouts as well. They introduce me to some new moves, but nothing with the heavier weights and feels as much like a "weight" workout to me. So right now I do MY full body weight workout once a week (on Mondays) and then am working through Ripped in 30 on some other days during the week.  Just to switch things up.

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  1. I have that same yoga mat! My cats love it :) Wow, you guys have an impressive set-up. I love the leg press! It makes me feel strong.

    1. I'm so spoiled with my home gym ... but I do use it every single day and never take it for granted. I don't use the leg press as much as I perhaps should. Jillian Michaels has drilled into me working multiple muscles at once, and it's only legs. But sometimes I'll jump on and press, I know it's good to do different types of exercises to shake things up.

  2. Yeah, that home gym is a peach. I am jelly! :)


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