Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ode to the Elliptical

I love my elliptical. We picked up the Nautilus 3000 sometime in 2007 and put it in our home gym. It has gotten a LOT of use from me over the years. Earlier this year... a bolt broke. It was hard to be without my elliptical while we ordered the part and had it repaired. 

Everyone has "their" exercise, one that works for them for whatever reason. Running, biking, Zumba ...elliptical is my exercise of choice. And here is why ...

  • It's easy: I guess I need to push it more if it is "easy",  but it's harder to get a comparable burn on other machines without a lot more effort. It's also easier on the joints than most other cardio exercise.
  • It's quiet: I can actually hear the TV (it's hard while on the treadmill).
  • It doesn't require any prep: I can hop onto my elliptical at almost any time. I don't have to change into my workout wear. I don't jiggle enough to need a sports bra (although I am usually dressed to workout while on it). Best of all ... I do not need SHOES. I hate shoes! I wear slippers on my elliptical ... just another benefit of a home gym. I'm not sure if that would acceptable elsewhere. *Ü*

Now my elliptical has quite a few bells and whistles. It shows me calories burned, average speed and distance. It  shows speed, revolutions, mets, watts. It can track heart rate. It has several levels of resistance. There are a number of different programs.

I'm pretty boring actually. Admittedly, I do get in a routine rut. I pick the steady, unchanging course. I up the resistance to level 8 and try to keep it at an average of 16mph or over. I'll use the arms for a couple minutes, then grab the middle bars and try for a speed interval for a minute ... and repeat. 

The default time on the elliptical is 20 minutes ... and that is about perfect for me. Beyond that, my feet start falling asleep. The default weight on the machine is 150 pounds. Since I've had the elliptical, I've been under that and above that. Instead of changing the weight with my changing weight, I just keep it on the default.  By keeping the weight constant, I can compare my workouts to each other ... my 20 minutes (around 2 miles) will generate a calorie count somewhere between 160-220 depending on my exertion. I just keep the machine calorie count as a reference, and go with what my Fitbit calculates for calorie burn.

I try to get in five 20min sessions on my elliptical every day ...
What is YOUR elliptical experience?


  1. I used to use the elliptical at the gym before I started marathon training and I enjoyed it.

  2. Wow! Five 20 minute sessions a day really adds up! That's such a great way to get your exercise in. In slippers no less!

  3. Hi Jen! Yes, you're really adding it up by doing several sessions per day. :D

    I use the elliptical at gym 2x per week for cardio because it is a lot easier on the knees than other types of cardio. Other than that, I walk/jog my dog a mile every evening, weather permitting.

    :-) Marion


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