Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pet Peeves

A few weeks ago, Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean did a post about "minor annoyances" in her life. It was fun to read, and I'd seriously been thinking of doing a "pet peeve post" myself. Just those little things that drive you cRaZY! First world problems if you will ... Here's my list:

  • Hair, Hair Everywhere: I shed. The amount of hairs coming off my head every day should be quite alarming, and it would be, if there wasn't still plenty still stuck in. It just seems like every time I touch my head, I'll pull off a strand or seven. And these hairs, besides the obvious problems of clogging the sink or catching in the vacuum ... they will land on me and then prick my arm. I hate the feel of that! But they are so small and light, it's sometimes a trick to find the offender. Anyone else have shedding issues?
  • TV Troubles: On Tuesday, I did a TV talk post, mentioning how I don't really watch "live" programming anymore. Because of this, I have become so used to NOT having commercials, that if I'm exposed to them (Hulu or Network online offerings, or live radio) ... they drive me crazy! Another TV pet peeve is seeing parts of a show before I'm actually watching it. The kids have ruined several series for me, as I've seen too many bits and pieces for me to ever watch the programs myself now.
  • Grammar: I'm not one who corrects or calls people out, but I do cringe when I see "your" when it should be "you're" (I'd even prefer UR). Other offenders, "their/they're" or "to, two, too" ... the absolute worst is if I look back and see that I have accidentally written it wrong! The horror! I know I overdo the ellipsis and put the punctuation outside of the parentheses ... but I don't care about that part of grammar (I'm sure that is a pet peeve for someone else though, right?)
  • Flies Inside The House: That buzz, the little black body whizzing by. Instant insanity! One good thing about winter, there really aren't flies around. As soon as summer hits and doors are left open ... it's fly time. I will grab the fly swatter and go after them, and I'll put the kids on the job too. Flies - stay out of my house (and out of my kid's ear ... yes, that actually happened once! The story is here, along with some other interesting injuries from our our family).
  • Garbage Cans on the Street: I actually really love garbage day! Weird, I know. But we usually have our garbage can and our recycling filled to the brim and I love having it emptied, knowing I have an empty can for a while at least. It is garbage day today, and on garbage day, of course the cans will be out on the street. But after the trucks come ... pull those suckers back up and off the street! When it's a couple days past and they are STILL out there. Come on! I've wondered about pulling them up for people ... would it be appreciated? Or just annoy or anger others ("What are you doing touching MY garbage cans??")  I honestly don't know!
Are these my top five pet peeves? I'm not sure (the hair one gets me multiple times every single day ... should I just copy the hubs and cut it all off? And in a house of all boys, everyone knows I'm always the culprit). I've got other peeves, but  these were the ones that popped into my mind. Just a little random Thinking Out Loud today!


  1. My hair goes through random phases where it decides that it doesn't like to be part of my body anymore and abandons ship... and yeah, it's annoying as heck to find it everywhere. I couldn't imagine having any kind of pet -- I shed enough. And my biggest pet peeve has GOT to be slow drivers. If you want to drive below the speed limit, get a bike >:|

  2. Ah! I hate the fact that my hair sheds like crazy. I have white bathroom floor tile and a white sink, plus I have black hair! It's awful!

  3. I shed my hair like crazy too!! My husband hates my hair all over the place! (fyi--hope you don't think I never respond to you on my blog--but your comments show as a no-reply blogger--so I can't email you back. Just know I do read and love your comments;)


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