Thursday, January 23, 2014

Revising My Records

Before (left) and After (right)

There has been a lot about CHANGE on my blog recently ... Resolutions, Change, Trying New Things. Perhaps it's a "January" thing, a fresh new year makes people want a fresh new approach.  As I was shuffling through all the papers on my desk ... I decided I needed a bit of a new approach to my record keeping. A while back, I did a post (Numbers) showcasing the little slips of paper I write down the stats from each workout on before I transfer the data to my computer. I've been doing this for years. It works, but it's a bit messy, lots of little papers pile up. To my frustration, they would go missing here and there.

So, a MONUMENTAL change (ok, it's minor) ... I decided to switch from my mini 3" x 5" spiral notepad to a larger 6" x 9" spiral notepad.  I've been doing it for a little over a week now (I wish I had thought to start it Jan1 or Jan 6, just the OCD in me) and I'm liking it. Being bigger, I've got a little more room - previously, I was quite cramped trying to write everything down on uber-exercise days. I used to throw away my little pieces of paper (eventually, after a pile had stacked up *Ü*) but I actually LIKE keeping everything, as long as it's organized and together. 

One disadvantage to the new system is I have to cart the notebook up and down the stairs. The workouts take place downstairs in J&G's Gym, where as the data entry portion (my excel file, my Day to Day Doings entries) take place upstairs at my desk. I used to just tear off the top sheet, but now I bring up the entire notebook at the end of the day. I then have to remember to take it back downstairs in the morning. I often forget. Sometimes I want to work on my computer and need my numbers during the day, so I have to run down and grab the notebook ... 

My Fitbit tracks stairs ... I've noticed I've had a noted increase in my stairs this past week.
That's not a bad thing *Ü*

Well, off to add a little to my notebook ...

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  1. Someone will have to pry my real (not virtual) Daytimer from my cold, dead hands... LOL

    p.s. don't tell anyone that the number in parenthesis at the bottom of my daily to do list on it is my weight from that morning. LOL

    1. I love digital for many things (camera, books) and I do transfer the information to my computer ... but I like having a written record :) There is something about the physical, handwritten notes that makes it more personal.

      MY weight is on there too, I won't tell ANYONE ...

  2. I have a spiral notebook, too. The ocd in me has to have a side bound one to match my collection of completed notebooks.

    1. I bought a set of these top-spiral notepads ... I'll have to use these same ones for at least all of 2014 ...

  3. I use a Lil Fat Notebook by Mead for my fitness journal, and have for years, because it fits in the cup holder of cardio machines and very nicely in my purse. I write very small, so I've hardly ever had trouble fitting in an entire workout on a little page. But for you, it does really look like a better way. I'm glad you thought of that. :D

  4. A new year is always a good time to introduce a little change :) And getting a few more steps in there definitely isn't a bad thing.

    On this fine Thursday I'm thinking about the fact that I really don't want to start packing. I'm leaving on Saturday morning and have yet to even bring my suitcase out of the closet. If I ignore it long enough, will it pack itself? #wishful thinking

  5. I'm doing this with my to do lists too. I used to have a ton of little scraps of paper laying around...many if which I would lose and find weeks later. I now have a notebook that I carry with me...a bit of a pain, but I get stuff done...I take pride in crossing stuff off the list...and when the list gets too long I know to spend a bit if time to finish a few things! It's amazing how well it really works!!!


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