Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Committing to Fruits/Veggies

My little eight year old came home from boy scouts the other day. For one of the requirements, they needed to draw some foods that are good for you. This was his picture *Ü*

I've mentioned it before ... I'm a picky eater (Eating Issues). I have actually eaten and liked all the foods drawn above (well, I didn't care for the pomegranate, but I did try it!). I'll eat pineapple, pears and clementines too. But most of the other fruits? Peaches, honeydew/cantaloupe, all the berries ... I don't eat them. The fruits I do eat, I only eat plain, not in smoothies, or cooked/combined or processed in any way (well, I'll eat banana bread and blueberry muffins ... but not any fruit pie). 

Vegetables? I'm even worse!
I've never had a salad of any kind.

Last month I talked a little about the PACT program. Formally "GymPact" ... you could sign up, commit to working out during the week and get rewarded if you completed your pact, and pay up if you didn't. Pact then expanded past just workouts, to motivate people to log their meals (via MFP) and to eat their fruits and vegetables.  I went ahead and signed up for the "gym" and the "food logging" pacts, committing to six days a week. I haven't had to pay out anything yet, and I've earned over $50.

I have not tried the Veggie Pact.  I'm just not sure I can keep that commitment. I KNOW, that's the point of the pact. To motivate you, to encourage you. But still, I'm just not sure I'm ready to commit to that. You can commit to five fruits/veggies a day.  I've been thinking about it ... perhaps I would try six per week. The OCD in me would like the match up with my gym & food logging pacts and wouldn't be a huge commitment. That should be doable, right?

The gym and food logging pacts get logged automatically for me. Once I hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit, that counts as a workout (there are other ways to log a workout if you don't have a Fitbit). Once you log at least three meals and 1200 calories on My Fitness Pal, your food logging pact is complete for the day (some days I haven't eaten too much in the morning and I think "I may not hit 1200 calories today." Ha ha ha ha ha ... I always end up hitting 1200 and more. Luckily we are not penalized for going over, just having the minimum and logging).

The veggie pact works differently. It's not automatic. You have to take a picture of your fruit/veggie using the Pact app. The picture is then uploaded to the Pact Community for voting. Other people will vote on whether or not your picture qualifies. You must receive six up votes to get verified. Three down votes will disqualify the entry and it won't count.

Besides not being great at remembering to take a picture and hoping there are no network issues while it uploads, there are some issues with the voting process. Two main reasons for downvoting an entry are "not a full serving" (which can be a little arbitrary) and "can't tell it's being eaten" ... which has resulted in some disgusting openmouth chewing selfies ...

Then there is the the questions, what SHOULD count as a fruit/veggie? Do corn and potatoes count? Some people vote yes, others downvote them saying "they are a starch, not a vegetable". What about juice? What about beans? Iceberg lettuce? Dried fruit? What about a fruit or veggie with so much other unhealthy stuff included with it ... does that negate the entry?  One person said he didn't think ANYTHING other than fresh (not canned/frozen/processed) should count. I think that is taking it a bit far! There are no hard and fast rules which makes it hard ... Pact actually put forth a blog post about it (here). 

How do you think YOU would vote?

Then ... there are the CHEATERS. As I haven't joined the VeggiePact yet, and my stuff syncs automatically, I don't really check out the community feed. I've never voted on a picture myself. I've joined a Facebook group for Pact users though, and I've seen many a post come across pointing out cheating (especially on Sunday nights, as the Pact comes to a close). Pictures of pictures ... often from cookbooks. The same fruit/veggie presented in different views. Obviously uneaten (sometimes even unpurchased ... still at the supermarket in the background). Then there are the silly entries ... a bowl of "Fruit" Loops, fruit snacks, beer/wine, etc. 

I'm still debating trying it ... it does seem like quite a bit of bother to earn about $1 (which might be my return on a commitment of six per week, it does vary week to week). But if it did get me to eat more fruits/veggies ... to be more conscious of it (I wouldn't want to pay $5 for a missed commitment, the "punishment" would be more motivation than the payment). 

A while back (last November) ... I posted that Hubby was on board. That he was wanting to get back to the eating and exercise. Well, for the first time in his many ups and downs ... it didn't happen. Every other time the Hubs has decided to get on track, he has had immediate success. Not this time. It just didn't click. We'll, he's recommitting again now. I've tried to fill the fridge with healthy choices. I need to get back to prepping him a lunch to take to work. To make healthy dinners. To allow him time to exercise. To be supportive without being pushy. Already (it's just been a couple of days) I can see my mental attitude change a bit in what I'm doing myself ... thus my thoughts about joining veggie pact.

So ... even though I'm NOT getting any official credit for it. Guess what I ate this Wednesday? A banana.  Yea me!   Linking up with What I Ate Wednesday ... maybe in a future WIAW post I'll have a week's worth of fruit/veggies to share, and an update on my Pact experience. Also linking up with the Wednesday Hump Day blog hop at FitnessBlondie and the Wednesday Linkup At Fit FoodieRuns


  1. I also struggle with eating. I'm a picky veggie eater.....I tend to eat mostly fruits. And yeah the veggies I like are corn, potatoes, peas and cooked carrots...STARCH city! :-) So where do you draw the line? I figure that eating a potato is beter than eating a cinnamon roll..... :-)

    1. ... those are the "veggies" I'll eat too. I do like fresh steamed green beans, or even canned french cut ones. I'll eat steamed cauliflower, and I actually like broccoli in my chicken alfredo (does alfredo sauce negate the good in broccoli?). And that's pretty much it for veggies for me.

  2. If you've never had a salad in your entire life, how do you KNOW that you wouldn't like it?!? I don't understand...

    1. It's not logical ...I wish I could reason with myself. I have a mental block, I seriously wonder how starving I would have to be before I would make myself eat some of these things that I know others enjoy!


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