Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm Not a Runner ...

Another "Throwback Thursday" type of post today. Recently, I've been TRYING to get some running (ok, jogging, I don't think anyone can really call what I'm doing running) into my workout routine. I've never been a runner.  Once upon a time, many (many) years ago, I was a sprinter ... but I was never a runner.

I actually had no interest in track in Jr. High. But the gym teachers (track coaches) were familiar with my older sister and brother, who had excelled in track. They made the family connection and they forced me to compete. Seriously, I think they said I had to or I wouldn't pass gym. So I ran. And I was good at it too, at least for short distances. I competed in the 200, the 400 and the 800 relay. 

May 1985  (200) 1st Place
District Track Meet

My favorite race was the relay. I was in the third position, so I was the one who got to cut into the center lane. The other girls on the team were very good, so by the time the baton was passed to me, I rarely had anyone to worry about. I liked the 200 ... that was a straight sprint. The 400, I had to pace myself at the start or I'd peter out by the end.  I know some people do a 400 as a straight sprint. Yikes!

The coaches also pushed me into x-country. I did one competition and then was told I didn't need to come back. Like I said ... I am NOT good at distances!  Maybe I should have thrown the shorter sprints to get off the hook there too, but my competitive spirit wouldn't let me.  I'm not sure if I ever enjoyed the track meets. I remember always being so nervous, the butterflies before a race would almost make me sick.  Running was also part of the regular gym class. One distinct memory; my competitiveness kicked in, I ran a little faster than I should have and I did  throw up at the end.   There there was that ONE day ... during the obligatory "mile run" during class.  I felt it. The runner's high. It was wonderful!  I almost looked forward to the next run, so excited to experience that again ... but all I got was a side-ache. I don't think I've ever felt the runner's high other than that one time. I mentioned at the start, I've been trying to work some running into my current schedule. This past week, I actually ran (ok, jogged) a WHOLE mile without stopping. I was pretty impressed with myself.

I have no grandiose plans. I don't want to run a marathon, that's just not something on my bucket list. Maybe a 5k ... I'd like to be able to do that.


  1. Your being active...that's what matters. :-)

  2. I was also only in track because my two older brothers were, only that they were good at it and I wasn't! I ended up throwing the javelin instead of running.

    Anyone who runs is a runner! You don't have to a marathoner or Olympic sprinter to call yourself a runner.

  3. I was in track, but never quite fast enough for sprinting. They had me run all of the long distance runs to get points for the team. :D


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