Friday, September 27, 2013

Weigh-In #11

 Well ... it is what it is. Technically a loss, if you call .1 a loss *Ü*

Last week, taking the average of the week made me feel better.
The average was definitely down.
This week the average is up.

It wasn't a good week, I was aware of that as it was happening. With basketball back in full swing, I knew my evening exercise time would be impacted. Add in some food temptation and the daily calorie count went up. Calories in up, calories out down ... doesn't bode great for the weight. I did buckle back down Wednesday and yesterday (no chocolate mint brownies).

My Trendweight graph gives a sobering visual
I've had a pretty solid downward trend.
But it actually bumped up this week.

More numbers ... my average weight for the week was 157.9, up from 156.5 last week. My average food intake was 2400 (up from 2007), average TDEE (Fitbit Total Burn) was 2970, which was actually up slightly from last weeks 2933, but I admitted last week my activity had been dragging a bit (the weeks prior my average TDEE was always 3200+).

So ... I KNOW it's the food. I need to eat less, and I need to eat better. My activity is pretty good, but I probably need to shake it up. The elliptical is my "easy" fall back. It isn't that it is "easy" per say ... I do work up a sweat, I do feel like I'm getting a workout. It's just easy in that it doesn't have some of the same requirements other exercises do. If I'm watching a program that doesn't have captions, I can't be on the treadmill. The treadmill is just too noisy, I can't hear. It's not a problem on the elliptical. The treadmill, or circuit training ... they require me to put on SHOES, and my HRM. That adds time and discomfort, and makes me choose the elliptical over these other items.

But I know I need to shake something up to get the scale moving again ... just a few more pounds to drop from "overweight" to "normal" ... but I've been saying THAT for weeks now. Last week I moaned a bit about my MFP ticker being at 23 pounds lost STILL ... this week I'm actually glad that it's at least showing that, as it did slip back to 22, 21. When I requested movement, I did NOT mean backward!

I found a new LinkUp today ... How'd I Do Friday. I think my weekly weigh-in is a pretty good recap of my week. If you want details, I have them in my Day to Day Doings which I update each morning (well, at least by afternoon). 

It's the weekend.
And there are still some chocolate mint brownies calling ...


  1. Do not go by the calories you burn on fitness machines and add it to your total calories you are expending per day because it is not accurate. Unless you are hooked up to a metabolic machine while you workout, the calories burnt is only an estimate. YOU MIGHT BE ADDING to many calories to your daily intake so you might want to get an RMR test to see your resting metabolic rate. If that isn't a possibility, then if I were you, I would drop my caloric intake down to 1500 to 1800.

    1. Yes - I know the machine estimates are notorious for being high. My elliptical and bike at least have a place to input weight, the treadmill does not (I do think it is the worst offender). I have a Fitbit ... again, accuracy of burns is certainly in question. I also double (or triple at this point) check with a HRM, which IS usually the lowest of the three and I do try to go by the lowest number just to err on the side of caution. I do realize it is still all estimates.

      I just like to eat ... and give into too many empty calories (they taste SO good). It's SO hard to even stay under 2000! I don't know how some people stay at 1200!

  2. You're doing great. I wish I were at your weight. Someday I will be! With time. Everybody has a bad week. I've been very stressed out with custody/visitation issues, and last night I ate (I know this is bad) Pop-Tarts. While I was eating them, I realized I was responding to stress, stress that has made it difficult to concentrate enough to write, and I've fallen behind in my blog. I just need to calm down and get back to my routine. Ha! Easier said than done. Anyway, you're doing great, and keep on keeping on.

    1. Poptarts are one of those things that don't tempt me at all, although the boys like them. I love routine, so much easier than when things are crazy. My life is really pretty calm and controlled, I'm very lucky that way. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my blog. Even if you haven't been writing lately, even older posts can be helpful (as I got directed to one of your older ones and read it yesterday *Ü*). Keeping on ...

  3. Hey, at least you didn't gain. :) I feel like I will never get the weight off I gained during the summer. I am the same every week. I wish I could eat 2000 a day! I am in awe of people who can do that. If I eat much over 1600, I gain weight. That is probably why I haven't lost much weight lately, because I really don't want to eat less than that or I am hungry and in a bad mood.

    1. If I just cut out all (even SOME) of the empty calories, I'm sure I could easily stay at the 1600. That is really where I probably should be eating to lose. I can sometimes do it one day here or there, but I do like to eat. I know 1200 is a common goal for many women, but I don't know how they stick to that.


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