Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bit Bruised

I know traditional bike riding, whether it be street or mountain, has inherent dangers. A helmet to protect your head is a necessity. You must watch for cars, other bikes, people and try not to wipe out, as the results could be very damaging, even if you aren't at top speed. But a stationary bike ... that's completely safe, right?

I posted a picture of what my bike looks like in a previous post (here). There are small arms extended on the sides of the seat, just to give you a different position to hold your hands while riding. As I was getting off the bike on Tuesday, I stepped over, but my right leg was still there by the bike. I then lost my balance (it was quite unexpected, I'm usually fairly coordinated) and started to topple over. Luckily/UNluckily ... my leg caught on the arm there. OUCH. I would have rather just fallen down. I know, it isn't a terrible injury, but it hurt, and it did impact my workouts yesterday a bit. I was just off.

My #2 son still wins the award for "best bruise" in our family ...
 He was doing a flip on his bike.
The bike rammed into his thigh.

Hubby is  a close contender ...
This is not really a bruise.
He ruptured his Achilles Tendon.
That wasn't a pleasant experience.

At least no one was around to witness my lovely dismount ... the bruising doesn't need to extend to my ego. I need to be more careful though ... those stationary bikes can be dangerous too!


  1. Hehe. Recently I was so tired from the stair climber that I fell off. It was at the gym, and people ran up to me to see if I was OK. I didn't get hurt, but it was really embarrassing.

    I don't ride a bicycle because I'm pretty klutzy, and I'm afraid I will fall off and meet a violent end. It's good exercise, though, I've heard.

    Your husband's injury looks especially bad. I would hate it if that happened to me because it would probably keep me from working out. My condolences!

    1. Yes, Hubby's was bad, he had to have surgery and physical therapy after. It sidelined him for months. #2 (the bruised boy) had back to back breaks (right foot then left foot) this past year, making him miss out on the entire basketball season. Fall ball just started, he's thrilled to be able to play. I'm lucky I've never had a major injury. I need my cardio, I like to eat too much and I think it helps ward off depression, I need the off-set!


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