Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have a new app I really like ... it's called "Streaks" and it's great for keeping track of workouts or other goals. I found it first either in a magazine or on a "great fitness apps" website, I can't remember which. But when I saw it again in use on a fellow blogger's post,  I decided to invest. It does cost money, a whole $2. But I'm thinking the kids might use this app as well, to keep track of reading or other items. It's got endless possibilities.

So I spend some time entering old information to get a nice visual of my life since I started on this journey. I've kept all my information, in an excel file, and also in the Day-to-Day journal entries. My first "streak calendar" I made was to keep track of when I had achieved my daily activity goals. That would be 22,000 steps, 1000 burn from dedicated exercise, 3000 total burn for the day, 100 active minutes (I have these listed in the sidebar at right). I also have a food intake goal of 2000 calories, but that is more of a guideline for me as with my activity I could often eat more and still have my 500 deficit. As long as I didn't go over that, and met the other goals, I gave myself a check in the "Good, Got to Goal" chart ...

You can see I've been a good girl! 
It's pretty obvious at a glance, that Sundays are not a goal day.
Either a scheduled day of rest ... or I just can't make it! 
They rarely get an x.

I thought about making a calendar for my elliptical use ... but I'm pretty much on my elliptical every single day. Even if I limited it to days of 100minutes+, it would then pretty much look the same as the "Goal" chart. I thought I'd track my days on the stationary bike. In the past, I rarely rode the recumbent.  But since discovering digital reading, and how easy it is to read and ride a the same time (see my post here), I've been putting a LOT more time in. More than I even thought before seeing this visual ...  You can also see from the graph above that you can customize your calendars with different colors and themes.

I also made a calendar to track my strength training days. I did the 30DayShred in July, finishing up August 10 (I took weekends off, so it was six weeks rather than 30 days in a row). I just wasn't sure whether to include those workouts as "weights" ... or only go with MY 60minute full body workout. Hmmmm, I'm still deciding. What do you think? You can also customize your calendar with how many days you can miss and still keep your streak. With weights, you should have a rest day in-between, so I put it at every other day, although I think three times a week is really the most I ever even hope for. 

Hmmmm .... what else can I track with my new Streaks calendars? Maybe something more food related, as I certainly struggle more with the eating than I do the exercise. Perhaps recording days I actually get a fruit or vegetable in my food diary ... or limit my snack calories to 500 (these would be good goals for me, and SO tough!) I could survey sleep stuff, like getting to bed before 10:00, or up before 6:00.  Perhaps something fun, like dates with hubby (can we get one in every week?) or oversee my loads of laundry. With five active boys I feel like I'm doing wash every single day, but am I really?

Does this app sound like something that would motivate you in your fitness or life?  
Do you have an app that keeps you on track?


  1. I love this app! I have about 7 calendars going and it really keeps me on track!

  2. This looks like a great motivating tool. You can look at the calendar and see all the X's and arrows and feel good about yourself. Also, if you see too many empty boxes, you know you need to get back on track now!


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