Monday, September 2, 2013

August ... A Look Back

Quite happy with my "intake vs burn" graph (from Fitbit) for August ... my monthly goal is to have an average burn of 3000, so I achieved that. I'd like to keep my intake around 2000, so I was a little over, but considering the burns, I think I'm ok. The 2000 is more of a mental goal just to keep me in control and a future estimation of what maintenance would be if I wasn't getting in uber exercise. One final goal of this graph is to NOT have the lines touch or cross. I did SO good until right there at the end of the month. It was a family get together ... many treats and time away from my exercise, but it was fun.

I really wish Fitbit would graph the sedentary time too.
I don't always grab this graph from Fitbit.
 I think I had improvement in all types of "time" this month.

I've been tracking steps on Walker Tracker for years now. I do have to enter my numbers manually, but then I get all these nice graphs, totals and averages.  This month topped anything I've done since Nov. 2010.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've found a new app called "Streaks" to track my fitness goals. August was a pretty good month! Out of the 31 days, there were only six where I didn't reach my numbers. I really wonder if I'll ever be able to break that 15 day "good" streak ... that was while the family was on vacation and I was home alone. It did make it easier to get in the exercise, especially on the weekends. Two birthdays there at the end of the month ... that meant cake!

August was the end of summer ... the summer sports had ended in July, there really wasn't much going on. There was still sleeping in ... until August 26, when school and carpools started up again. With September, school will kick in full force. I'm sure I'll be having to devote home time to homework help and also some volunteering at the school. Basketball and soccer will be starting up for the boys, which means more chauffeur and team mom time for me.

How was your August?

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