Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tracking Weight Through The Years

... you know, prior to 2006, I don't know that I ever stepped on the scale. Since May of 2006, I have stepped on the scale every single day. I've got all those numbers in an excel file on my computer. As I think back on the last few years, I remember my drastic weight loss in 2006. In my memory, I had a slow gain of about five pounds a year ... but as I actually looked back and plugged the numbers into a graph (taking the weight from the 1st of each month) I can see that there was actually a LOT of fluctuation. That after a gain in 2008, I was able to get back down (temporarily). 2010 was pretty steady, higher than I liked but not much change at all (and TODAY, I'm right about where I was September of 2010). The end of 2012, the beginning of 2013 ... the only good thing about that gain is that it got me motivated to really try ...

I really hope to be back where I was at the end of 2006 at the end of THIS year.
That's the goal.

I really found it interesting to look back at my changing weight. I thought it was a good topic for today's Weigh-In Wednesday link up.  

Have you kept track of your changing weight over the years?
Do you plan to?

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  1. Thanks for joining the link up!
    I have been keeping track of my weight for a few years now and I am hoping to see a big difference from my beginning to the end of this year :)

    Goodness you have 5 boys - that is amazing!


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