Monday, September 23, 2013

Basketball Mom

#4 in his game on Saturday

We are a basketball family. In addition to the traditional winter season,  my boys have been playing  in spring/summer/fall  leagues for several years now (Hoop Dreams ... A Basketball Mom Blog).

During some seasons, the boy's basketball is actually beneficial to me getting a workout in. In a recent post (here), I wrote about the gyms with a track above the basketball court. I could watch and jog at the same time, and often get in five miles or so during games and practices.

I have three boys in basketball for Fall (#2, #3 and #4). Alas none of the games/practices are being held at the gyms with the track above.  Dang it. So instead of getting in steps, I'm driving, sitting, sitting & driving.  There is a two-hour practice every Monday and Thursday. There is open gym every Tuesday evening. Wednesday is another practice for #2, and games starting next week for #3. Thursday is game day for #2, practice for #3 and #4. Saturday is game day (for #3, #4). #5 is playing soccer (games on Wednesday and Saturday) as they don't have basketball for his age group. Juggling the schedule can get tricky. I do all I can, then get hubby, #1, and even Grandpa to help out when things overlap.

Busy busy! 
But I do love watching my boys play. 

As I'm NOT jogging around the track during these games, I stay busy running my video camera. Then I take all the good shots and make a quick highlight reel. This does mean MORE sitting back at home, but the boys really like them. 

Here's a peek at my boy in action.
My #2 is #2, the point guard.
Poor kid had back-to-back breaks (right foot then left)
It kept him out of basketball for almost a year.
He's SO happy to be able to play again!

Well, I best get down to my gym for some cardio and weights while I can!
My evening exercising is going to be limited!


  1. I bet you're very proud of your boys. It's great that they're into basketball -- it's good exercise.

    I often play with my son -- ball, swimming, biking, bowling -- and find that it's a good way to not only bond with my son, but also to get exercise myself. It's a twofer!

  2. Good mommy, Jen, for taking and editing these videos for your boys. I watched the video, btw. :D

    I have 4 kids, so I know what it was like with all of them doing different activities at different locations at different times. I watched my kids practice a lot, but I also read weightlifting and yoga books while I waited too.


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