Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #8

Well ... no official loss this week, actually up 0.4 but I still call it a successful week.  With a lot of weekend plans and a holiday on Monday, I knew it was going to be a tough one. I'm happy I didn't see the 160s again, and I'm happy my MFP ticker is reading 23 pounds lost (same as last Friday, but it did slip back to 21, 22 during the week). 

So overall I'm fine with it. But when I do look at the exact numbers (calories in, calories out, total burn) I'm not quite as satisfied ... below is a section of the excel file where I keep all my info.  The first column is the date ... followed by SleepInfo (time to bed, time up, hours asleep), Weight, Calorie (hopefully a deficit). The first yellow column is Calories In, the following columns show calories burned/total burn**. Subtract the calories eaten from the total burn to get the deficit (dark green column). Total that up for the week ...

According to my numbers, I did have a weekly deficit of 4364, which is over the 3500 standard for a loss of a pound. But alas ... no pound loss. Now I must admit, I'm not super strict when it comes to accuracy in eating. I do not weigh  my portions. I try to be honest in my food diary, but I do slip up at times. I know the exercise numbers are also estimates and could be off, which is why I try to allow for extra big deficits, not eating back all the exercise calories. Sometimes the numbers do line up (like last week), sometimes they don't  (this week) ... I know I need to be tracking measurements too, I just sure struggle with the measuring tape. TOM is right around the corner as well.

What system do you use to track YOUR numbers?
Do they usually seem to reflect  your weight changes?

** (IF you wanted to know what the last columns were ... I like redundancy  and as I had a system in place before I got my Fitbit, I still keep my own estimates of exercise and total daily burn and compare them with the Fitbit estimates.  The second yellow column is MY exercise estimates (machine readings, etc.) and the Fitbit Adjustment in MFP in blue. The next yellow column is MY estimate of total burn, and the final blue is the Total Burn from Fitbit. My readings are usually more conservative, so I use them here, and then compare them to my weekly report from Fitbit, which also gives me a "total weekly deficit" number).


  1. Right now I just track my food through MyFitnessPal. I have to be careful not to place much stock in their estimate of calories burned from a workout, though, since it's grossly overestimated!

    1. I use MFP for all food, and Fitbit for all Fitness (and then they sync together). I THINK Fitbit is pretty accurate ... but who knows. It's usually lower than my machine estimates, and I even get a back up reading from my HRM at times too. The few times I've checked MFP fitness estimates I've thought they were high. I'm trying to get the most accurate numbers I can, but I do know it's all still a bit of a guessing game :)

  2. I used to be very poor at tracking, but now I realize how powerful this method is. I'm not a gadget person, I prefer the traditional pen and paper method. For reference, I usually look up to MFP.


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