Wednesday, September 18, 2013

... a little OCD

I've been trying to incorporate a little more running (ok ... jogging, my measly 5mph pace can't really be considered running) into my exercise routine. Running/Jogging is NOT my favorite exercise. Running requires me to wear shoes, I hate shoes ... I wear slippers for my elliptical and stationary bike.  But I've committed to trying to run one whole mile each day, without stopping. You read that right, a WHOLE mile. Without. Stopping. 

So ... the other day I actually went above and beyond. An additional 1/4 mile. Aren't you impressed? As I hit the 1.25 number for mileage, I figured I'd continue for just a few moments more to get a nice round number for my time.15 minutes. But then I noticed the calories ... 194. Hmmmm. I probably should keep going until that hits 200, right? A nice round number. But then the time would be an odd number, and the mileage would be even odder. WHAT TO DO??? An OCD moment. I wonder, if I just kept going, would the numbers ever line up so that all three were nice, even numbers? Or something ending in a 5 or a 0 ... you know what I mean, right? I'm not the only one ... am I?

I called it at the 15 minutes (I'll just drop those extra five seconds when I write down my numbers). I think my machine is over-estimating on the calories anyway (HRM and Fitbit were closer to 125 calories).

  • Do you feel the need to finish a workout with a round number? If so, which number count is most important to you? Time, Distance or Calories ... Do you round your numbers or keep them exact?
  • Weigh-In on this topic with a comment below, and post your own weighty topic for this week's Weigh In Wednesday link up.
  • Check out Skinny Meg's Workout Wednesday for links to other bloggers and their workouts. Any other OCD exercisers out there?


  1. OMG I LOVE YOU! You are like my twin! I am the exact same way!

  2. I really don't believe in cardio machine calories AT ALL--meaning that cardio machines are liars. So no, I don't care about hitting a calorie mark on them. However, if that gets you to exercise longer, then that's great. :D

  3. I really applaud you for being able to run over a mile. At this point, I could not do that. I guess I'm kind of OCD on the stair climber. I use it for exactly five minutes at a time. Then I go do strength exercises for five minutes. Five more minutes on the stair climber, five more minutes of weights... you get the picture. When the stair climber started getting easier, I put it on a faster setting and still kept it at five minutes at a time. LOL! I guess I'm OCD about five minutes, and I didn't even realize it until now!

    1. I only tried the stair climber one time ... it was HARD!


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