Friday, September 20, 2013

Weigh-In #10

Well ... no loss this week. In fact, a small gain, 1/2 a pound. I did actually hit a new low (Sunday morning) ... right before the challenges of this week started. Sunday of course, is always hard for me. If I can't offset with exercise, I almost always go over my calories. The rest of the week was just super busy with uber activities every evening, and I wasn't feeling great (knee pain, tooth pain, headache ... just dragging).  

It was a few weeks ago, on Weigh-In #7 that I first gleefully posted the 23 pound loss on my MFP ticker. At this point, while I'm glad it is at least still there, I was REALLY hoping for a change. Come on 24, 25 ...
Weekly Weigh-In #7 (08/30) 157.1
Weekly Weigh-In #8 (09/06) 157.6
Weekly Weigh-In #9 (09/13) 156.1
Today ............................... 157.1

I don't know if I really consider this a plateau ... IS this a plateau?
I'm certainly not trying to maintain at this point. I'm not there yet!

According to my numbers, I had a weekly deficit of 4865 calories. More than enough that I SHOULD have registered a loss.  I had one day over calories (on Sunday), mostly decent days (with my 500 deficit), and one bigger deficit day (Tuesday). I have seemed to notice that unless I get in a few BIG deficit days (1000-1500 deficit) I don't seem to lose. And it seems best if those big deficit days are the ones right before weigh-in (so Wednesday and Thursday). I was really struggling these past couple days, so I'm not super surprised there wasn't a loss. The small dip to 155 during the week does give me hope though ... that is the benefit of weighing in everyday I think. I can see there ARE changes, I just need to hang onto them. On a good note, there was NO bump up to the 160s on the chart above (which is a first in a while) ... so I'll focus on the positive of that!

A friend recommended also taking the average for the week ...  here's how the averages have changed in the past several weeks.  160.1, 159.4, 158.5, 158.6 ... and last week 156.5. So THAT shows a change. *Ü*


  1. Hi Jen, You must be counting cardio machine "calories" as food calories. They are definitely not the same, otherwise, you could not have 1500 calorie deficit days unless you were running like 10+ miles on those day. A full marathon burns less than one pound of calories for a woman.

    You are doing very excellently on your weight progress. I'm just pointing out your calorie deficit discrepancy up there--because you notice that it doesn't make sense either. As soon as I realized that an exercise did not burn as many calories as stated (not even close), then I really figured out how to control my situation.<<Knowing this sooner would have saved me YEARS of frustration. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. I do actually feel I'm trying to be conservative with my exercise calorie estimates. I don't go by the machines (although I write them down for reference to compare one workout on that machine to another) ... but use a HRM and my Fitbit for my exercise estimates. I usually have all three estimates and I take the lowest. My average daily burn from Fitbit is 3000+, and it does take a lot to get there (100minutes/10miles on the elliptical, a mile jog, 40min/10 miles on the bike ... often I will do all three in one day. I include a list of what I did each day in my Day to Day doings.) I never sit and watch tv, I only watch when I'm on the elliptical, and rather than just sitting and reading I read on the bike). I also try to do a full body weight workout twice a week.

      So I'm taking my total daily energy expenditure (BMR + exercise) and subtracting my food intake to get my deficit.

      A 1500 deficit day (by my numbers) doesn't happen often, only on a big day (TDEE over 3000)and by limiting calorie intake to 1500-1600 (usually I'm closer to 2000)

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  3. I personally don't believe in plateaus. I think lulls in weight loss are us relaxing the reigns of our fitness journey! You mentioned Sundays being rough. Tighten that up. Look at the types of food you are consuming. Many times when I'm not losing I look back and realize that I'm consuming WAY too many carbs. There is ALWAYS something that I've done that keeps me from losing....I just have to be honest enough to admit it!! :-)

    1. Yes ... food is definitely a problem. I'm keeping the calories in check for the most part, but I know I'm not eating the right kinds/portions.

  4. Is there anyone who doesn't hit a plateau, even if they are working hard at weight loss? My weight does not go down at a steady pace. It hovers around the same number for a couple of weeks (sometimes more) and then drops dramatically.

    I believe that our bodies are doing some things invisible and amazing when we plateau. It's like it's getting ready to drop that weight.

    Don't let the plateau get you down! You're doing great. Hang in there, and you should see a sudden drop in your weight, if you're like me.

    1. I did have a pretty big drop right before this lull, and I friend suggested averaging each week and comparing those, and that definitely shows improvement this week. I think if I could just lose a few more and move into the 150s (which would move me from "overweight" to "normal" I'll be able to get through these lulls better (even though the ultimate goal is 135). I'll keep plugging away!


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