Saturday, September 14, 2013

Magazine Musings & Paper Ponderings

As I mentioned in my Mucho Magazines post ... I'm trying to make my way through my backlog of magazines. I'm not expecting any profound words of wisdom or extraordinary insights, but as I'm reading, I often come across a tidbit or two I think I might want to remember or post here to get feedback from any of you. 

  • Gummy Vitamins: I've seen the gummy vitamins in the stores and I've purchased them for my little ones, but I have wondered about the "adult" gummies. I guess I'm just not a big fan ... I'll eat the occasional fruit snacks, but I'm pretty picky (I really only like the cherry ones). I'd much rather just swallow a pill then have to chew something. And in gummy form, they might temp children. We did have an issue once where my young son consumed an entire package of vitamins (they were a "melt on your tongue" kind) ... luckily he suffered no ill effects. What do you think of the adult gummy vitamin trend? (Prevention June 2013 or online  HERE).
  • Shredded Cheese: Also in the June 2013 Prevention there was a little blurb about shredded cheese (online here). Now it seems like I've heard that it's better to buy the block of cheese and shred it yourself ... that what ever is put on it to keep all the pieces from sticking together make it harder to melt evenly. This says it's not good for you either (which really isn't a stretch if you think about it, additives seldom are). Pre-shredded cheese is convenient, but I do have a handy food processor. 
  • Presyncope:  Presyncope is that wooziness, when you feel like you are going to pass out (if you do actually pass out, it's called syncope.) I had issues during three of my pregnancies (2,3,4). I did pass out with #2 and was practically homebound with #4 (I just didn't dare go anywhere, I didn't want to pass out behind the wheel of a car!) Luckily my issues seemed to resolve once I had the babies. My oldest son however has troubles with this quite often, and has actually passed out a few times. We had discussed it with his doctor, with basically the same information given in this article (Prevention  February 2013 or online HERE).  
  • Cool Hands: In the October 2012 Women's Health there was a little blip about a study on a "cooling glove" which would chill your hands, sending cool blood back to the heart. The results of the study indicated increased speed, lower blood pressure and inches lost. There is a specific product (Cool Point hand cooler ... not great reviews on Amazon, sounds like people expect immediate results whereas the study seemed to indicate more long run effectiveness) or you could simply carry cold water bottles.  Huh ... wonder if that works! (WH didn't have this portion online, but I Googled it and found the study HERE). 
  • Food Traps: Normally, articles addressing anything food related don't relate much to me and my eating issues, but I liked this article in the September 2013 Fitness (actually reading a current magazine!) Nothing really profound or new, but just some nice reminders that relate to most everyone. If  you have a minute give it a read ...
  • Love Languages: While the main focus of most of these magazines is either fitness or food related, there are other articles too. In Prevention's July 2013 there was a truncated version of Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages. This really is an interesting concept when looking at your relationships. My mother gives out the full book to couples as wedding presents. If you haven't read it, it's worth checking out.
In the local newspaper I noticed a couple of interesting articles as well ...
  • Walking and Working: This was an AP article picked up by my paper and many others (when I looked online, one is HERE) discussing treadmill desks or other "moving workstations".  Very interesting.  I have tried reading while on my treadmill (but reading while on the stationary bike is easier).  I wonder how hard it is to type or do actual WORK while walking ... 
  • Kid's Summer Fitness Loss:  Another article in my paper I was also able to locate online (here). Personally, I think MY kids move more in the summer than they do during the school year (I even got a Fitbit for my 14-year old to track his steps. There were some days of too much tv/video games, but many days he'd be active for hours and would beat me in steps ... which is rather hard to do!).  I'll have to gather and graph all his data and double check!

I'll probably have some similar posts in the future as I continue to work through my backlog of magazines ...

Have you read any interesting articles lately?
Do you have any thoughts on these topics?


  1. Hi Jen! I heard that about shredded cheese, but more. It's a type of antibiotic that they use, which concerns me a little because I am allergic to so many types of antibiotics. I try to eat more block cheese now. Haven't totally given up shredded, but only eat it a couple of times a week now. Have a great Saturday/weekend!

  2. My cousin is having problems with getting woozy and passing out, but the doctors aren't sure what's wrong. Now I'm wondering if they checked her for presyncope (I've never heard of it until now). Interesting.

    1. I think presyncope is more a description than a diagnosis. I know I could ward off actual fainting,usually by laying down ... I had about 10 seconds seeing stars as warning, then I would pass out. Mine was bad because it would happen when I was sitting (not just when I stood up). For my son, they've told him to never stand up quickly, especially if he's been laying/sitting for a while.

  3. Gummy vitamins are the best invention ever :) I have the hardest time swallowing pills, so am so so glad I have another option!

    1. Vitamins are usually big honking pills too! My 13 year old hasn't mastered swallowing yet (not even smaller things like Ibuprofen and such, I still have to give him the childrens liquid), and I'm not sure he will.


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