Friday, November 1, 2013

Day by Day (November 2013)

1101 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 153.5.  Fitbit Steps 23801. Total Burn 3032. Calories in 1950. Calories out 1321. Exercise: 120minElliptical. The boys were out of school, so I slept in. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical then ran some errands (nails done, groceries, new shoes for the boys, signed up for basketball). Hubby was home early and then he and three of the boys left for a campout. I got more exercise in as I had no plans that night. 

1102 (Saturday) Blah Day. Weight 152.5.  Fitbit Steps 7745.  Total Burn 2058.  Calories in 1950.  Calories out 346. Exercise: 20minElliptical.  Busy morning. #4 had a 9:00 game, I didn't get up early enough to get in a workout before. We had my grandma's funeral right after. It was a nice service. I haven't been feeling great lately (stuffy nose/congestion) and today was worse than it has been. I did try 20min on the elliptical and almost felt like I was going to pass out. I finished, but it was tough. I took it easy the rest of the day, but I also kept calories in check.

1103 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 152.8.  Fitbit Steps 12624. Total Burn 2402.  Calories in 1950. Calories out 681.  Exercise: 60minElliptical. Fall Back ... so it was a relaxing morning (but I was still late for church!) First workout of the day was a little tough, but the other two felt good.  Sunday Circles in the morning, I did eat an entire waffle.  Stuck a roast in the crock pot for dinner. Laid down for a little nap but I don't know if I really slept. Didn't do homemade oreos today, but did snack on peanut M&Ms.

1104 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 154.4. Fitbit Steps 25333. Total Burn 3375. Calories in 2400. Calories out 1654. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 60min/16miles Bike, 60minWeights.  Still adjusting to the time change, I was up early today (about 5:30) but that got me two elliptical sessions before taking the kids to school. It was a good exercise day, as Mondays often are. Got in my weights session and some bike (the plan was to watch Downton Abby, about 45 minutes, but I got a call to come pick up kids from basketball early so I had to stop at 30min, I then went back and finished the show and then read for a second 30min session). Food was ok today. #1 was begging for homemade oreos, and if I made them, I eat them. I guess I had the calories to spare more today than yesterday (I begged off making them last night). I was SO tired though, ready for bed by 9:00.

1105 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 154.6. Fitbit Steps 26955. Total Burn 3239.  Calories in 3000. Calories out 1517. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 38min/10miles Bike, 1 mile Treadmill, 15minWiiFit. Another good, busy day where I was absolutely burned out by the end. #3 had basketball practice from 9:00-10:00 but he was too tired and so was I! Still adjusting to this time change. Calories sure added up today, nothing extraordinary ... those handfuls of peanut M&Ms sure add up though!

1106 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 154.9.  Fitbit Steps 23910. Total Burn 3067.  Calories in 2200.  Calories out 1350. Exercise: 120minElliptical. I had Jillian on deck to do today but didn't get around to it. I got in my elliptical as usual, then got a call from the school that #5 had fallen again. I went to see how he was and ended up checking him out. I don't think he re injured his arm, but he was pretty shaken.  I still had carpool duty to pick up #4, in fact I had to pick up middle school too, as #1 had a school activity (he usually grabs them on the way home).  I had P/T Conferences with the two little ones. Glowing reviews ... I expected nothing less. Then #3 had a basketball game across town. I could see I was close to my step/calorie goal, so I did some stepping on the bleachers during the game. Our kids got creamed, so I gave up videoing it anyway.

1107 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.6. Fitbit Steps 23716. Total Burn 3033. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1321.  Exercise: 100minElliptical, Ripped in 30 Level 2, 30minPacing. Early out for the elementary today. The middle school boys had open gym after school. Hubby had a derby and wanted a helper, so he went and grabbed #3 and they were off. #2 went straight from the middle school to the high school for a basketball meeting. I took #4 to basketball practice, got some pacing in (about 1.5 miles). Then #2 and I caught a ride to his game, which was clear across town (out of my driving comfort zone). I was really glad I went as it was a good game. Daddy dropped #3 at his practice after the derby ended and I did the pickup at 10:00. Whew, it was quite a day!

1108 (Friday) Bad Day. Weight 152.7. Fitbit Steps 17886. Total Burn 2639. Calories in 3100. Calories out 928. Exercise: 100minElliptical. The little boys were out of school today. I thought we were going to end up taking my car in (the heat hasn't been working) but hubby topped off the antifreeze and that seemed to fix things. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and Sunday is mine, so we went out with my folks to Texas Roadhouse. I hadn't eaten great in the morning (banana bread) so I was definitely over, even though I did limit myself to one roll.

1109 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 154.5. Fitbit Steps 12299. Total Burn 2350. Calories in 3000. Calories out 635. Exercise: 40minElliptical. #4 had a basketball game but it wasn't until 10:00, so I was able to sleep in and still get in a workout before. Daddy and brothers came to watch today (usually it is only me). They creamed as usual. We stopped for donuts after... donuts are not good for the calorie count. I did a run to the grocery store, then Hubby and two of the boys and I went to a local theater which performs parody musicals. We saw "The Hungry Games" and it was quite fun. It's a dinner theater, and we did have some pizza and root beer. Then off to a 6:00 game with #2, another clutch game. We lost by two.

1110 (Sunday) Bad Day. Weight 155.8. Fitbit Steps 12189. Total Burn 2393. Calories in 2700. Calories out 700. Exercise: 60minElliptical. It's my birthday.  Made the usual Sunday Circles. It was the primary program at church today (I play the piano). Hubby made a big bbq for my birthday dinner. I made a yummy dessert I had been craving. Calories were over again today. Gotta get back to under 2000!

1111 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 157.4. Fitbit Steps 32112. Total Burn 3584. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1852. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60min/3.5miles Treadmill, 37min/10miles Bike, 60minWeights. Very productive day today. I think the weigh in (FIVE pounds up from Friday) motivated me. Kept calories in check, although still barely at 2000. Lots of running around in the evening; school carpool and to the high school four times for basketball stuff for the boys. Daddy and the two little boys went to see an NBA game downtown.

1112 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 154.3. Fitbit Steps 25407. Total Burn 3178. Calories in 2800. Calories out 1463. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 45min/12mile Bike. Glad to see the scale drop after the big up. Not a complete reversal, gotta keep working.  Wasn't a good eating day, nothing specific, cold cereal, french toast for dinner. It just all added up. I did sneak in a sunshine break today, got in a little down time and some vitamin D.

1113 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 155.2. Fitbit Steps 24308. Total Burn 3058. Calories in 1500. Calories out 1347. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 35min/2.5Mile Treadmill (1 mile jog, 1.5 mile intervals ... but more walking than I should), Ripped in 30 Level 3.  Up a little from yesterday, and it did motivate me to control incoming calories today. Got in my Ripped, trying level 3 for the first time. I never like it the first time. We'll see if I like it better as I go on. #3 had a basketball game clear across town, I did have some uber anxiety driving on the freeway (I avoid freeways if at all possible) but we made it. They lost, although they had beaten this team when they played them earlier in the season. As it turns out, my car concerns were valid, but it was my parents who were in a bad crash. Luckily they were able to walk away although the car is totaled.

1114 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.8. Fitbit Steps 32093. Total Burn 3398. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1687. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 1.5mile/18minTreadmill, 30min/8miles Bike, 10minWiiFit + pacing. Weight down ... can I at least get to the same weigh in as last week? I did control calories (although I splurged on some peppermint ice cream, so yummy!). #4 had basketball practice, I brought my shoes and headphones and just walked back and forth the whole hour and got 6000+ steps (about 3 miles). #3 had practice later, and #2 finished up his tryouts. He made it all the way to the end of the high school cuts. The coach asked his preference ... being second string on the sophomore team, or being a starter on the 9th grade team. He elected for 9th grade, to get more playing time. It is my preference too, much less expensive, closer games ... and I do want to see him PLAY. So proud of him for making it so far, especially after loosing almost an entire year  (back to back broken feet last which sidelined him last season).

1115 (Friday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.5. Fitbit Steps 19572. Total Burn 2794. Calories in 1800. Calories out 1090. Exercise: 100minElliptical.  The middle school boys had late start, so I slept in a little, although I still have to get off the elementary kids at the same time. Midday I got a call from the elementary that #5 had eaten a peanut butter cookie and was having a reaction (he is allergic, but not life threatening). I was surprised because he can usually smell PB a mile away. I went to the school and found out it was a macadamia nut cookie, which does make much more sense. He wouldn't have recognized that by sight or smell. It reacted in his mouth immediately and he spit it out and threw up. He had no physical signs I could see (swelling, trouble breathing) but wasn't feeling well. I brought him home and gave him Benedryl and kept an eye on him. He fell into a very restless sleep, I felt like I needed to lay next to him and hold his little clenching hands to relax him. He finally was back to his old self after several hours. Hubby had a derby in the evening, so no date night. I was able to keep calories under control, so it wasn't a bad day even with the limited activity.

1116 (Saturday) Ok day. Weight 152.5.  Fitbit Steps 13067. Total Burn 2432. Calories in 1600. Calories out 728. Exercise: 60minElliptical.  Slept in, got up just in time to take #4 to his 9:00 basketball game. They lost, dang it, otherwise it would have been an undefeated season (the other team was undefeated and very good). It was good for our boys to see what it is like to play a team that really knows what they are doing, to have to work for it. The other games have been too easy. I did NOT stop for donuts today! Did a little cleaning then it was time for #3's basketball game. They lost. #3 does need to work on his attitude. Then #4 had a team party, then we all packed up and headed out to Maga's for a birthday dinner/celebration. It was pizza, but they did go to the trouble of getting MY kind of pizza (just white sauce and cheese) so I ate ... but I hadn't eaten much all day and I was hungry. There was also some addictive chocolate drizzled popcorn. I did not eat cake. I think my MIL thought I was just being good and resisting, but actually I just don't like red velvet cake. If it had been white with buttercream .... hmmmm. Did manage to stay under calories, even with limited exercise.

1117 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 153.4. Fitbit Steps 20164. Total Burn 2806. Calories in 2300. Calories out 1097. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 30min/8mile Bike, 10minHula. Sunday sleep in, then Sunday Circles; my big breakfast day. Church. Nap. Still some cardio throughout the day. Just some mac&cheese for dinner. I didn't make homemade oreos ... Sunday isn't the best day to make them, as it's one of my less active days and they always push me over. Went over 2000 today, but still kept calories in check.
1118 (Monday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.9. Fitbit Steps 20102. Total Burn 2921. Calories in 1600. Calories out 1209. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 60minWeights.  Not a bad weekend, and now back to the routine. I did have to run to the store after dropping the kidlets off to school. Got in my elliptical and weights. Had a basketball meeting in the afternoon for #2. I was SO tired, I went to bed at 9:00 ...

1119 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weights 153.5. Fitbit Steps 30253. Total burn 3352. Calories in 2500. Calories out 1643. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 50min/3.5mile Treadmill, 38min/10mileBike. As the day started, I was feeling "good" sore from my weight workout yesterday. As the day progressed, it got pretty bad. I was going to try a cardio DVD, but I was not feeling up for it. I had already got my jog in (1 mile then intervals), the bike and elliptical don't require as much effort, so I did continue to do them. Pack meeting and basketball practice. I did more exercise in the evening just trying to stay awake until the 10:00 pickup time (hubby and #1 had gone to bed early!).  Hubby's birthday today, but he had been up so early and been taken out to eat with work, I put off the dinner I had planned, and he didn't even have any of the lemon jello cake I made him ... I did though.
1120 (Wednesday) Ok Day. Weight 154.2. Fitbit Steps 20490. Total Burn 2822. Calories in 2700. Calories out 1109. Exercise: 120minElliptical. Ok, I'll admit I let the soreness and the weight inching up to get to me a bit. Overate today, nothing big to blame, just lots of little things added up. Didn't feel up to much exercise other than elliptical. Now there's some pain in my lower back. Nothing huge, just ... there. #3 had his final basketball game of the season. Little break and then winter games start up.

1121 (Thursday) Ok Day. Weight 154.6. Fitbit Steps 20814.  Total Burn 2814. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1098. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 1 mile Treadmill, Ripped in 30 Level 3. Still stiff but tried to work through it. Family outing in the evening ... the car ride downtown, the cold, just had me on edge all evening. Physically tensed to a painful point. Body aching.

1122 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 154.3. Fitbit Steps 16321. Total Burn 2479. Calories in 2100. Calories out 968. Exercise: 100minElliptical. I said I wasn't letting this little up get me down, but I just haven't felt as motivated these last few days. Late start, early out, a playdate here after school, #2 never even coming home anymore (me on call for a pickup at some point) ...

1123 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 154.2. Fitbit Steps 20333. Total Burn 2821. Calories in 1600. Calories out 1108. Exercise: 100minElliptical. Hubs and I both headed to our home gym at the same time ... I ran ahead and grabbed the elliptical, making him use the bike. Much of the day was spent cleaning, which wasn't originally on the schedule. Got lots of stairs on the Fitbit today, as I was up and down a lot. We went out as a family to a local pizza place. I hadn't eaten much all day so I did have some calories to splurge. Back at home, the kidlets bugged Daddy to make malts. He made them, but didn't have any himself, and didn't offer any to me (I actually probably would have had some). In the past he would always set some aside for me (or at least ask) ... funny how his new focus on eating healthier affects me too. Which is good, I need a little extra push as the weight loss has been SO slow ... 

1124 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 153.1.  Fitbit Steps 12457. Total Burn 2270. Calories in 2650. Calories out 562. Exercise: 60minElliptical. Hubby beat me to the elliptical, so I waited until he was done. Did our usual Sunday Circles, making a pumpkin waffle for hubby from a mix he had received for his birthday. Church. Then we went out to my folks for dinner and hubby and I looked at a photo project Mom is working on and helped get some things going.

1125 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 155.0 Fitbit Steps 26180. Total Burn 3187. Calories in 1492. Calories out 1800. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 45min/12mile Bike, 1 mile Treadmill, Ripped in 30 Level 3. Should have been a full weights day, but I did Ripped in 30 instead. I'll try to hit the weights on Friday. Good activity and kept eating under control. There was a situation at the middle school (bomb threat) - the kids had to be evacuated and were allowed to leave, but not go back into the school for backpacks, so no homework anyway!

1126 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 154.1. Fitbit Steps 28732. Total Burn 3239. Calories in 1526. Calories out 1800. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30min/2.25mileTreadmill, 30min/8mileBike, Ripped in 30 Level 3. Hit a couple stores today, got a start on some Christmas shopping. #2 basketball practice after school then went to the high school to watch an alumni tournament. These 10:00 pick ups are hard, I'm SO ready for bed before that! Did keep calories in check again.

1127 (Wednesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.6. Fitbit Steps 23575. Total Burn 2861. Calories in 2200. Calories out 1157. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 40min Lawn Mow. Kids were out of school today, so the schedule was a little off.

1128 (Thursday)  Ok Day. Weight 152. Fitbit Steps 11929. Total Burn 2302. Calories in 2600. Calories out 600. Exercise: 60minElliptical. Got in some cardio in the morning, and then again in the evening. We were going to inlaws for dinner, but hubby was handling the turkey and potatoes. My meal wasn't too bad, but I did indulge in chocolate pie.

1129 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 153.7. Fitbit Steps 24654. Total Burn 3102. Calories in 1350. Calories out 1391. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 60minWeights. Kids off school, hubs off work. Hubs wants some changes, so I spent the day cleaning/rearranging. Moving his "den" downstairs and making a homework spot for the kids and their stuff. 

1130 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.1. Steps 18871. Total Burn 2811. Calories in 1900. Calories out 1104. Exercise: 80minElliptical. Had a family function for a couple of hours in the morning (Addie's baptism) then it was more cleaning and still not really done ...

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