Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disappointing December

Well ... December was disappointing. It's a difficult month for many. With all the holiday prep and celebrations taking up time, and the temptations all around ... it seems the calorie intake goes up while the average activity (and burn) goes down. Not a good combination.

But THAT wasn't what happened to me this December (well, it was toward the end of the month). I got SICK and it completely interfered with my exercise/eating plans for the month. I wonder "what if" I hadn't have gotten hit with the flu? Would I have been able to keep up my activity? We'll never know now. 

But my poor GOAL STREAKS calendar ... it looks SO lonely without all the usual little "x" marks. It's really quite pitiful. I was sick from December 10-December 17, and even when I was "better" I was not up to my usual activity required to reach my goal. I almost got there on Monday, December 30 ... I should have pushed just a little more to get one more "x" for the month. Oh well ...

My individual cardio streaks aren't much different from the "goal" streaks". Started strong, then sadly (sickly) empty. I did manage ONE more "x" on each. (My treadmill mile was a walk though, NOT up to jogging yet). 

As I got "better" (no longer bedridden anyway) I did resume activity, but not quite enough to make it onto any of my main streaks calendars. My "other activities" streaks is usually reserved for mini/miscellaneous exercises (wiifit, hula hoop, yoga, ping pong, extra walking). This month, the "x" marks generally represent 30-60 minutes elliptical (not enough for my Elliptical100 streaks, but I wanted credit for my exercise, it took effort!) 

I did still take a couple days off completely.

After my sickness, 
I actually felt the pull to lift some weights. 
Slow and steady and strong.
I did NOT feel up to Jillian!

Ironically, as my exercise streaks suffered, my "food" streaks actually improved!  Under 2000 calories? Ummmm, that was NOT a problem while I was sick (I was barely able to eat 600 per day). Even my "Feeling Fruity" calendar did better, as of the little food I consumed, fruit usually was part of that.  As I recovered ... my streaks suffered!

As I was busy with party prep (and party) on New Years Eve, I tried to remind myself to grab a screen capture of December's Fitbit activity. I forgot (which is why the graph doesn't have Dec1). I really wish I could manipulate this graph on the Fitbit site, but that's the main reason I started this blog. Was to be able to have a place to save and show my graphs each month for my records. 

My averages dropped dramatically this month.

I don't always grab this "time active" graph, 
but I thought it definitely showed my downtime.

My poor Walker Tracker numbers ...

Time to put December, and my sickness behind me.
It's a new month. It's a new year.

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  1. I only lost two pounds in December, but I think that's better than none. I was trying not to let the holidays get to me, but I think they did anyway. Plus, I injured my ankle, which made it harder to exercise vigorously. Hopefully January will be better!


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